6″ Black Series Wave 2 Available TRU Tonight

I have it on good authority from a source at a Toys”R”Us that they received shipments of waves 1 and 2 of the 6″ Black Series.

As a refresher:
Wave 1: Luke, Rey, Kylo, Hera, Vader, Stormtrooper, Thrawn
Wave 2: Leia, Maz, Poe, Finn, EPG, Kylo, Snowtrooper, AT-AT Driver

Happy hunting!

  • Branflakes

    Stopped at toys r us earlier today not expecting anything after the midnight launch and they had some of wave 1 and all of wave 2! They told me they just received the case today

  • I was #8 in line at TRU last night. As they were about to let us in, the guy in front of me asked where the Black Series were located. She pointed out where to go but warned him that they didn’t get many Black Series. She wasn’t kidding! They literally had maybe one each from wave 1 and a dude in front of me got all of them. I literally walked out of TRU empty handed after waiting in line for three hours. At least I got a free shirt and poster. Fortunately, the Target in the same shopping center had some new black series to make me happy.

  • SkitchDC

    honestly becoming done with Star Wars……in 3 years now I have not once gone into a store and got exactly what I was looking for. Hasbro has destroyed this franchise for me! Thanks!

  • Victor Hernandez

    There was only one case of wave 2 and a whole bunch of wave 1 was a disappointing night. I was 10 in line and they ran out quick oh well.

  • bigpiffle

    in my nearest toys r us (tunbridge wells in the uk) they had tons of wave 1, no wave 2 or speeders or any of that. at least eight commander grees though! distribution is fine over here by the looks of things!

  • Ham Salad

    Went to my TRU, and was seventh in line. They got in two cases of 6″ Black Series,and both were wave 2. I was able to get all of the wave: Maz, Praetorian, Finn, Leia, and Poe.

    They had one case of Landspeeders, which went quickly. Oddly, they did not have any

    It was a good night for me, but it sucks that so many others are striking out at TRU.

  • General Hux

    TRU didn’t have any from EITHER wave.

  • John Donaldson

    TRU in St. Louis had ZERO new Black Series. Retail fails again.

  • SID

    Well TRU had wave 2 but with 27-30 people at my location they had the obligatory “Hasbro stiffed us, we only got couple cases…. This really snuck up on us” sooooooo of course all the 6″ figures stuff was “gone” by the time I reached the SW section… No way I was going “fight” threw the crowd for stuff I’m sure you can get other places (target discount anyone?). Didn’t see a single exclusive… But who knows what people bought I just saw handfuls of red/black boxes… So atleast 4 people bought everything (they wanted).

  • Ben Bonstein

    I need General Leia I said God Damn!

  • General Hux

    Hey Jayson, do you think the 3.75″ OB1 and Yoda will be available as well?

    Thank you for all your hard work, the checklist is awesome, btw!

  • Brian Beck

    Jayson, any plans on doing a post FF thread ? where people can list the good the bad and the ugly of what went on at their location. I’d be curious to know how it went at Target.

    • General Hux

      Join the Yakface Forums, I could actually start a new thread with that very topic.

      EDIT: Forum Amin. Jodo already started a thread for it, join the forums, Brian!

      • Brian Beck

        I don’t think they can handle that many 4 letter words for me to share. I posted a “clean” version in the JTA post.

        • General Hux

          They can handle it! LOL

  • Subcoolin

    I’m in line already!! Lol TRU Whitby !!!

    • Brian Beck

      wow, I’m not leaving for another hour 🙂

      • General Hux

        I dont get there until 11:30, always have low crowds in my area. 🙂

      • Bombadgungan

        I’m not leaving for another 2 hours! 😉

  • Fiery Little One

    Good to know.

  • Josuethefanboy_7

    Will all TRU have the midnight event?

    • Brian Beck

      go to their web site and check your local store, but a lot are.

  • Superflukullus

    Do you know if the force link band with the Praetorian guard and Judicial Trooper will be at Toysrus tonight?

  • Robert Gomez