io9 Reveals New 6″ Black Series Figures

io9 has officially reveal 3 new 6″ Black Series exclusives coming to stores this fall (not tomorrow). Head on over to check out Snoke with Throne, Amazon Exclusive Elite Praetorian Guard, the GameStop/B&N/Disney Store Exclusive Guardians of Evil 4pk and the Walgreens exclusive Obi-Wan Kenobi (Force Ghost)*! Click on through for a closer look.

*as rumored/leaked by Jedi Temple Archives many moons ago.


  • jerome

    im not happy about the prices at gamestop, but i pre ordered both these sets! these may be thee 2 coolest exclusives made. only my shadow squadron set compares to these. snoke turned out crazy cool, and after seeing him on his throne i knew i had to have it as the centerpiece of my 1st order figs. and the 4 pack is amazing! i want every one of them! any 4 pack where the royal guard is the one i want the least…is an absolute must have! the worst thing about this set is that ill now have 3 royal guards!? yeah take my money please sir! also….while it might not be true?…the gamestop manager told me these gamestop exclusive are a very short production run and not all gamestops will even get one. yeah, i pre ordered both at any price before i found myself at the mercy of some little cheeseball eating scalper.

  • As a strictly 3 3/4″ collector, I was excited to hear about a spirit Obi-wan because I thought it would make for an imposing “spiritual presence” in a display. I said to myself if it was done right, it would be a definite buy for me…Oh well.

  • jerome

    4 pack just moved ahead of landspeeder to #1 on my list, and i want all of these.

  • SID

    Why do these have to look this good? I even want the guards and Snoke which I honestly don’t even care about lol. Wow. Good thing the guard pack is also a B&N exclusive cuz you can get 10% for being a member and they always have extra SW for clearance.

  • Zedrick

    I definitely want that Guards of Evil 4pk! I will almost certainly sell that praetorian loose though. The Snoke figure and throne looks great, but that robe looks like garbage… That force ghost Obi-Wan is actually pretty good looking.

    • FN-GZ

      So uhh…if you did end up getting the four pack, what your asking price be for the praetorian guard?

      • Zedrick

        I don’t know, depends. Maybe around $15, I’m no scalper, so as long as I get at least $10 back. I just really don’t like these new praetorian guards, they have no Star Wars feel to them and look dumb.

        • FN-GZ

          Wow, fifteen dollars is a pretty good price. Would you mind if I made an offer if you were to get the set? And I completely agree with the fact that they don’t look very Star Wars-y(?). I originally wasn’t a fan of their designs, but they’ve grown on me because of how bizarre they look. Especially mailbox head here.

          • Zedrick

            Sure, if and when I get the set I’ll let you know, I rather stay away from ebay (to many fees). Lmao mailbox head, nice one!

          • FN-GZ

            Thank you very much! It’s highly appreciated! Mushroom head is also a good alternate name, but…well you know. Anyways, I hope you find everything you need. I look forward to hearing back from you. Happy hunting!

  • mic windu

    Come 3.75 news I know your there somewhere… would be cool if that Snoke could be used for the 3.75 scale

  • JAL

    So none of these will be available tomorrow, correct?

    • Nexus✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      According to a game stop employee on the star wars collecting sub reddit he says they aren’t getting them in for a while, but doesn’t know more than that.

  • bnicks87

    I think I am good passing on these. That black guard does look awesome, though. Is that the one from the Force Unleashed games?

    • Ruari Williamson


    • Jason

      Yeah and it’s pretty bad that just by changing the Royal Guard color and giving him a cool weapon, it’s already 100 times better than the Praetorian Guards!

  • FN-GZ

    So these won’t be avalible on Force Friday? That’s a real bummer. I was probably anticipating Snoke the most.

    • FN-GZ

      Okay, I’m quite confused now. All the other websites that are revealing products are items that will be available tonight/tomorrow. It doesn’t make sense to reveal products along side FF2 products if they aren’t even coming out within the next day or two, but the elite figures were revealed and those aren’t coming out until October. I’m looking way too much into this.

      I also can’t believe I misspelled, “available”.

      • Brian Beck

        I’m taking it as the way it was written, as there are a couple in there that we know won’t be. as of right now I plan to be waiting outside GS in the morning unless there are more reports of this not being the case.

        • FN-GZ

          I feel the same way for the most part. I think my excitement’s just getting to me. I’ll stop by Gamestop and check in see if it’s available, but I don’t mind waiting a few months if it isn’t.

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    Those overly red Praetorian guards are growing on me. So that’s new.