Fall 2017 Master UPC / DPCI / SKU List

We’ve been getting several requests to assemble a master list of current and pending UPCs, Target DPCIs and Walmart SKUs for Hasbro (and other brands) and have them readily available from our front page (see it over in the right hand column now). Your wish is our command. Click on through to check out what we have so far for Hasbro. We will continue to update this list as new products are revealed, found or leaked (and as time permits).

Update: A little tip – with the provided UPC numbers, you can find Amazon pages for nearly all of the listings.

Coming 2018


Orange Assortment – Wave 1
DPCI: 087-06-8322
UPCs/Walmart SKUs:
630509519583/534170664   Rey (Jedi Training)
630509519590/241648960   Poe Dameron Resistance Pilot
630509519606/900455574   Kylo Ren
630509519613/827743851  Finn Resistance Officer
630509519620/266700682  First Order Stormtrooper
630509519637/914496510  Luke Skywalker

Teal Assortment – Wave 1
Target DPCI: 087-06-8329
UPCs/Walmart SKUs:
630509519712/973878809  General Hux
630509519729/547465890  Rose
630509519781/800158496  Chewbacca w/Porg
630509519736/382582522  C-3PO
630509519743/340040138  Paige

Orange Assortment – Wave 2
630509596393/357099886   General Leia Organa
630509596355/288084386   Jyn Erso (Jedha)
630509596362/117337093   DJ (Canto Bight)
630509596379/617260411   Luke Skywalker (Jedi Exile)
630509596409/975066761   Rey (Island Journey)
630509596386/241294060   R2-D2

Teal Assortment – Wave 2
630509519763/201580207  Obi-Wan Kenobi
630509519770/440270196  Yoda

Orange Assortment – Wave 3
630509615957/56052853  Emperor Palpatine
630509623136/56052854  Flametrooper*

Teal Assortment – Wave 3
630509623235/56052855  C’ai Threnalli*

Force Link Starter Set with Exclusive Kylo Ren
UPC: 630509532889
Target DPCI:  087-06-8338
Walmart SKU: 775877489

TRU Exclusive Force Link Starter Set with Exclusive Stormtrooper Executioner and Elite Praetorian Guard (TRU Exclusive)
UPC: 630509639182
R” Web #: 296486

Rey and Elite Praetorian Guard 2pk
UPC: 630509519491
Target DPCI:  087-06-8319
Walmart SKU: 320800845

Han Solo and Boba Fett 2pk
UPC: 630509519507
Target DPCI:  087-06-8319
Walmart SKU: 704554914

Rose in First Order Disguise, BB-8 and BB-9E
UPC: 630509596690
Walmart SKU: 954528985

Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus 
UPC: 630509596683
Walmart SKU: 244975093

Finn (First Order Disguise) and Captain Phasma 2pk (ENTERTAINMENT EARTH EXCLUSIVE)
UPC: 630509623082
Walmart SKU: 56052852

Return of the Jedi Battle 3pk (TARGET)
UPC: 630509602933
Target DPCI: 087-06-8394

Era of the Force 8pk (TARGET)
UPC: 630509603695
Target DPCI: 087-06-8398

Imperial Probe Droid and Darth Vader – Class A
UPC: 630509532780
Target DPCI:  087-06-8311
Walmart SKU: 549226224

Rathtar and Bala-Tik – Class A
UPC: 630509532797
Target DPCI:  087-06-8311
Walmart SKU: 259121932

Canto Bight Police Speeder with Canto Bight Police Officer
UPC: 630509532827
Target DPCI: 087-06-8314
Walmart SKU: 499726485

Resistance A-Wing Fighter w/Resistance Pilot Tallie
UPC: 630509532834
Target DPCI: 087-06-8314
Walmart SKU: 910614519

Resistance Ski Speeder w/Poe Dameron – Class C
UPC: 630509522255
Target DPCI: 087-06-8317
Walmart SKU: 450377700

Walmart Exclusive First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter w/Pilot
UPC: 630509591831
Walmart SKU: 405291528

TRU Exclusive Poe’s Boosted X-wing Fighter w/Poe Dameron

Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer w/Kylo Ren – TIE Pilot – Class D
UPC: 630509519477
Target DPCI:  087-06-8318
Walmart SKU: 377894791

BB-8 2-in-1 Mega Playset
UPC: 630509606207
Target DPCI:  087-06-8337
Walmart SKU: 55589139

Star Wars Episode 8 Home Entertainment Action Figure Pack
UPC: 630509623280
Target DPCI: 087-06-6441

Force Link 2 Starter Pack with Exclusive ?????
UPC: 630509621460
Target DPCI: 087-06-6442
Walmart SKU: 646801256

Force Link 2 packs
UPC: 630509623327
Walmart SKU: 957395266

UPC: 630509623334
Walmart SKU: 563803831

Hermes (Lando Calrissian) & Perseus Guard
UPC: 630509623341
DPCI: 087-06-6804
Walmart SKU: 336431473

Darth Maul  & Qui-Gon Jinn
UPC: 630509622221
DPCI: 087-06-6805
WM SKU: 458740957

Solo Flagship/Playset
UPC: ???????
Walmart SKU: ?????

Solo Pegasus (Millennium Falcon)
UPC: ?????????
Walmart  SKU: ?????????

“Nemesis” Chariot and “Nemesis”

UPC: 630509616084
DPCI: 087-06-6980
WM SKU: 883521046

Hoth Wampa and Luke
UPC: 630509616107
DPCI: 087-06-6981
WM SKU: 520860270

Rathar & Balatik
UPC: 630509616169
DPCI: 087-06-6982
WM SKU: 246469635

Solo Class B Vehicle Assortment
UPC: ?????????
Walmart  SKU: ?????????

Solo Force Link 2 3.75″ Figure Assortment
UPC: ?????????
Walmart  SKU: ?????????

Coming 2018

Wave 12   
Target DPCI: 087-06-1922
UPCs/Walmart SKUs:
630509548293/55187079   42 Hera
630509518579/55187073   43 Darth Vader
630509522279/935081323   44 Rey (Jedi Training)
630509532230/141797730   45 Kylo Ren
630509522286/865264933   46 Luke Skywalker (Jedi Master)
630509532223/230523264   47 Grand Admiral Thrawn
630509554614/378128615   48 Stormtrooper

Wave 13
Target DPCI: 087-06-1922
630509482641/50862001     31 AT-AT Driver
630509483525/50862002     35 Imperial Snowtrooper
630509588510/634817049   49 Maz Kanata
630509588527/169771566   50 Elite Praetorian Guard
630509588534/298908130   51 Finn (First Order Disguise)
630509588541/906596119   52 General Leia Organa
630509588558/257028847   53 Captain Poe Dameron

630509604630/969862536   54 Supreme Leader Snoke
630509604647/974411153   55 Resistance Tech Rose
630509606610/793413462   56 Jaina Solo

630509615964/56160800  57 DJ (Canto Bight)
630509616978/56160801  58 Rey (Island Journey)
630509616985/56160802  59 Clone Captain Rex
630509615971/56160803  Death Squad Commander
630509615988/56160804  Jawa
630509655793/56160805  Grand Moff Tarkin
630509677405/56160810  4-LOM
630509683918/56160812  Rebel Fleet Trooper
630509685066/???????????  Dengar

“SOLO” Black Series Figures
630509655809/56160806  “Zeus” (Han Solo)
630509655816/56160807  “Vesta Guard” (Range Trooper)
630509655823/56160808  “Hermes” (Captain Lando Calrissian)
630509677399/56160809  “Athena Grey” (Qi’Ra)
630509683901/56160811  “Artemis”

Luke’s X-34 Landspeeder with Luke Skywalker
UPC: 630509536351
Target DPCI: 087-06-9278
Walmart SKU: 373828254

Rey’s Speeder with Rey (Scavenger)
UPC: 630509536368
Target DPCI: 087-06-9279
Walmart SKU: 883717077

Coming 2018

First Order Stormtrooper Executioner (Target)
UPC: 630509602834
Target DPCI: 087-06-8397

Luke Skywalker Ahch-To (Target)
UPC: 630509615797
Target DPCI: 087-06-8396

Rey (Jedi Training on Crait)
UPC: 630509615810
“R” Web #: 296347
SKU: C62D30F1

Kylo Ren – Throne Room (Walmart)
UPC: 630509615865
Walmart SKU: 287877571

Supreme Leader Snoke – Throne Room (GameStop)
UPC: 630509608362

Admiral Ackbar and First Order Officer (ToysRUs)
UPC: 630509602193

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Force Spirit) (Walgreens)
UPC: 630509602797
WIC#: 988181

Rose (Resistance Tech)

UPC: 630509603930
Walmart SKU: 359547600

Elite Praetorian Guard
UPC: 630509603947
Walmart SKU: 867070896

Luke Skywalker (Jedi Master)
UPC: 630509603954
Walmart SKU: 931745333

First Order Stormtrooper Executioner
UPC: 630509603961
Walmart SKU: 623117227

Coming 2018

Darth Vader
UPC: 630509557813
Target DPCI: 087-06-9276
Walmart SKU: 55976207

Luke Skywalker
Target DPCI: 087-06-9277
Walmart SKU: 55976208

UPC: ?????????
Walmart  SKU: ?????????

Kylo Ren
UPC: ?????????
Walmart  SKU: ?????????

UPC: 630509552528
Walmart SKU: 55335333

UPC: 630509552535
Walmart SKU: 55335334

Kylo Ren
UPC: 630509552542
Walmart SKU: 55335335

Captain Phasma
UPC: 630509552559
Walmart SKU: 55335336

Lando Calrissian
UPC: 63050960706
Walmart SKU: 711171016

Target Exclusive 12″ Hero Series 6pk
UPC: 630509595525
DPCI: 087-06-8395

UPCs/Walmart SKUs:
630509590254/55589144  Yoda
630509590261/55589146  Kylo Ren

630509613052/55589145  VESTA DRIVER (???)
630509613069/55589147  VICTOR 1 PR
630509613076/55589148  ZEUS (Han)

Star Wars HERO SERIES Deluxe Action Figure – Nemesis
UPC: 630509614059
DPCI: 087-06-5212

Star Wars HS S2 Deluxe Action Figures – Athena
UPC: 630509614066
DPCI: 087-06-5213

Coming 2018

Rey of Jakku
UPC: 630509525300
Target DPCI: 087-06-9280
Walmart SKU: 55589160

UPC: 630509525317
Target DPCI: 087-06-9280
Walmart SKU: 55589161

Jyn Erso
UPC: 630509525324
Target DPCI: 087-06-9280
Walmart SKU: 55589162

REY with BB-8
UPC: 630509528561
Target DPCI: 087-06-9287
Walmart SKU: 55589163

Princess Leia Organa with R2-D2
UPC: 630509528554
Target DPCI: 087-06-9287
Walmart SKU: 55589164

Princess Leia Organa with Wicket
UPC: 630509528714
Target DPCI: 087-06-9292
Walmart SKU: 557038344

Roaring Chewbacca
UPC: 630509528097
Target DPCI: 087-06-9291
Walmart SKU: 848691485

Ahsoka Tano
UPC: 630509597895
Target DPCI: 087-06-9284
Walmart SKU: 55824133

Padmé Amidala (Naboo Pilot)
UPC: 630509597901
Target DPCI: 087-06-9285
Walmart SKU: 55824134

Padmé Amidala (Mission Set)
UPC: 630509613168
Walmart SKU: 779872892
Amazon SKU: B07212Q8HS

Adventure Figure Orange (Hera?)
UPC: 630509598113
Walmart SKU: 55824135

Kylo Ren & Rey
UPC: 630509597918
Target DPCI: 087-06-7513
Walmart SKU: 625560456

Luke Skywalker & Yoda
UPC: 630509575183
Target DPCI: 087-06-9290
Walmart SKU: 246414977

UPC: 630509613106
Walmart SKU: 56249814

Kneesaa the Ewok
UPC: 630509613113
Walmart SKU: 56249815

UPC: 630509613656
Walmart SKU: 56249816

Rey of Jakku (The Last Jedi)
UPC: 630509611225
Walmart SKU: 56249818

Princess Leia Organa (A New Hope)
UPC: 630509611676
Walmart SKU: 56249819

Sabine’s Graffiti Speeder
UPC: 630509611256
Walmart SKU: 423963050

Rey Extendable Staff
UPC: 630509525249
Target DPCI: 087-06-9293
Walmart SKU: 800771089

Jedi Power Lightsaber
UPC: 630509564422
Target DPCI: 087-06-9294
Walmart SKU: 568086377

Force Crystal Lightsaber

630509627110/308710570 – Princess Leia (E4)
630509627141/861259173 – Darth Vader (E4)
630509627158/503788411 – Kylo Ren (E7)
630509627165/264628110 – Rey (E7)
630509627172/348387000 – Luke (E4)
630509627189/992933852 – Chewbacca (E4)


Stormtrooper (Solo)
Qi-Ra (Solo)
Lando Calrissian (Solo)
Captain Phasma
C-3PO (E8)
Maz Kanata (E8)
Boba Fett


STAR WARS S2 RP “HERCULES” Mask (Chewbacca)
UPC: 630509614387
Walmart SKU: 55976210

STAR WARS S2 RP “VESTA GUARD” Mask (Range Trooper)
UPC: 630509614394
Walmart SKU: 55976211

STAR WARS S2 RP “VESTA TROOPER” Mask (Stormtrooper)
UPC: 630509614400
Walmart SKU: 55976212

UPC: 630509614417
Walmart SKU: 55976213

STAR WARS S2 RP “ZEUS”  Han Solo Blaster ($29.99)
UPC: 630509639366
DPCI: 087-06-6437
Walmart SKU:  577234339

STAR WARS S2 RP “ATHENA”  Qi’ra Blaster ($19.99)
UPC: 630509639328
DPCI: 087-06-6438
Walmart SKU: 899958178

STAR WARS S2 RP “Hercules”  Chewbacca Blaster ($39.99)
UPC: 630509639342
DPCI: 087-06-6439

STAR WARS S2 RP Riot Baton ($29.99)
UPC: 630509618002
DPCI: 087-06-6434

Coming 2018



Zeus & Chariot (Han and Speeder)
UPC: 887961534320
Walmart SKU: 807485191

Zeus & Pegasus (Han and Millennium Falcon)
UPC: 887961534269
Walmart SKU: 511449328

Lando & Pegasus (Lando and Millennium Falcon)
UPC: 887961641691
Walmart SKU: 854404647

UPC: 887961534313
Walmart SKU: 217385713

Rio & Gorgon
UPC: 887961534283
Walmart SKU: 743634562

Star Destroyer Launcher (with exclusive Battle Roller)
UPC: 887961534528
Walmart SKU: 955399539

“SOLO: A Star Wars Story” STARSHIPS

UPC: 887961534610
Walmart SKU: 622151460

Millennium Falcon
UPC: 887961534634
Walmart SKU: 992543429

Imperial Mimban Tank
UPC: 887961534641
Walmart SKU: 288019707

Prototype Landspeeder
UPC: 887961534665
Walmart SKU: 226986145

Han Solo’s Speeder
UPC: 887961534689
Walmart SKU: 838675310

Imperial Mimban Speeder Vehicle
UPC: 887961534696
Walmart SKU: 598076567

Prototype Star Destroyer
UPC: 887961534702
Walmart SKU: 353010340

Coming 2018

75207 Vestas Chariot (Imperial Patrol Battle Pack)
UPC: 673419281027
Walmart SKU: 759779774

75209 Zeus Chariot (Han Solo’s Landspeeder)
UPC: 673419281041
Walmart SKU: 703875047

75210 Cronus Chariot (Moloch’s Landspeeder)
UPC: 673419282253
Walmart SKU: 832968635

75211 Fury (Imperial TIE Fighter)
UPC: 673419282260
Walmart SKU: 499543430

75212 Pegasus (Kessel Run Millennium Falcon)
UPC: 673419282277
Walmart SKU: 595339080

75535 Han Solo (Constraction Figure)
UPC: 673419283663
Walmart SKU: 822247200

75536 Imperial Range Trooper  (Constraction Figure)
UPC: 673419283670
Walmart SKU: 978160054

  • Rivesjunctionite

    My wife says Hercules is probably Chewie. He’s got the most expensive RP blaster at $40, which would make sense for his bowcaster.

  • Danny

    Love the “master” list. Any updates on the TVC?

  • markowe

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi Rip N Go BB-8: https://www.upczilla.com/upc-search/?upc=630509519361

  • sam

    You list a Flametrooper as being potentially released with the 2nd wave of the Teal Assortment, but the release list over at JediBusiness.com lists a Maz Kanata (with jetpack) being listed for release in early 2018. Could these potentially be the same figure? They don’t list a UPC for the figure, unfortunately.

    • Their list doesn’t include unannounced product. The flametrooper is correct and a separate release.

  • ActionFigureSupplies

    The UPC for the Black Series 3.75″ First Order Executioner is incorrect. The correct UPC is 630509603961

  • Jaken Wraith

    Thank’s again for this, just used it to “cut” for the first time. And happy to say that i got a hit the first time using it for the new BS 3.75’s. A little out of my range, and they are showing -3, but the first time i have had a hit on them, and they will be making it too me soon i’m sure.

    • Jaken Wraith

      Been using the hell out of this lately, makes hunting so much easier.

  • Erik

    What happened to the 6 inch Dewback?

  • 80sRobot

    There’s gonna be another Jyn Erso 3.75″ figure?? (Orange, Wave 2) I like her, but why? Is it a reissue, like her in the Imperial Ground Crew uniform, or a new sculpt?

    • Otterwise

      I assume this time she’ll be Force Link compatible like the rest of the new 3.75″ figures.

      • 80sRobot

        Right. I’m curious if it will be a brand new sculpt (hopefully much closer to the likeness of Felicity Jones), or just a reissue with a Force Link chip embedded. I’d buy a new sculpt version, for sure!

  • Jon Rohlf

    Anyone have any info on the Leia organa 3.75 figure? I saw it was on back order on the Disney store site. Did anyone actually score it?? Any ideas when she obi wan and yoga will be released?? I’d imagine probably nov. 1st like most of the other things, but

    • Leia is not out yet. Obi-Wan and Yoda are.

      • CT-7567

        Thanks for this, Jayson. You must be tired because you’ve been doing a ton of work the last little while leading up to FF. Much appreciated. 🙂

        • You’re welcome. I’m not tired at all actually. If you were to believe others, this info is just handed to me requiring zero effort, research and time. Any moron can do it.

          • CT-7567

            Well, the several people I saw Friday with your checklist printed out in hand would disagree. 🙂

  • Darth Parsley

    This is a huge help thank you

  • Master Destructo

    Yes, okay, that is quite useful. Thanks!

  • Master Destructo

    Would someone be willing to explain what folks use this info for?

  • Jaken Wraith

    Thank the Maker lol. I’ve been throwing this idea around for a while now, glad it is finally a reality. I still like the sound’s of the “DRK-1 (dark) Database” with a pic of that Droid on the Tab, but that really would of only been fitting over at the other place. “Master List” is just fine.

    • Jaken Wraith

      And i hope people use it as much as i think they will. For any Collector this will save you ALOT of Gas wasting trip’s only to find empty Peg’s. If you have a few Walmart’s and Target’s in your “range” always check B-Seek to know what Store to go to avoid dissapointment. And get to know your Stores inventories using it, the number’s can be off sometimes due to theft. But then if you know what your Stores have, when you see a “number jump”, you know that Store must of received some new Case’s and it’s time to go there.

  • TheLastTrooper

    This is really off topic, but I wrote kinda a script of what I think the beginning of The Last Jedi should be like. Warning – NO SPOILERS AHEAD –
    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. . . .


    Episode VIII


    STARKILLER BASE has been destroyed but the war between the
    Republic and the First Order rages on. Jedi Master LUKE SKYWALKER
    has been located by a young, but force sensitive girl
    and informed of the struggles of which the
    Resistance face in their battle against evil.
    The old Jedi is shocked by the news but is adamant
    to fight again after what had happened years ago. . . .

    On the other side of the galaxy, a squadron of
    resistance fighters including GENERAL LEIA ORGANA, and
    PILOT POE DAMERON have left the base on D’QAR to oversee
    the construction of the newly built base on the desolate planet,
    Crait. Little did they know that their ship is being pursued by
    evil First Order. . . .

    (Movie opens to a huge Resistance ship cruising through space. Inside General Leia is examining a hologram of the Crait system. Poe Dameron walks up behind her.)

    Poe to Leia – General, we’re approaching the Crait system.
    Leia to Poe – Thank you fo –

    (With that, the whole ship shook, and the emergency alarms went off.)

    Leia to Poe – Is this a drill?
    Poe to Leia – I don’t think so. There wasn’t one scheduled for today.

    (Poe looks around frantically and sees Resistance fighters as well as Admiral Ackbar making their way down the hall towards the escape pods.)

    Ackbar to Leia – General, our ship is under attack!
    Leia to Ackbar – What?
    Ackbar to Leia – Get to the escape pods, quick! I need to go back and help the soldiers in Docking Bay three.

    (The Admiral turns around towards docking bay three. Leia and Poe as well as other resistance fighters are confused but make their way towards the escape pods)

    Poe to Leia – General, I can’t come with you. You are going to need to go with Ello and Nien. I need to get BB – 8 and Finn.

    (With that Poe runs away. Movie follows Poe)

    Poe to self – Finn, finn, where are you? BB – 8!

    (Rose sees Poe down the hall)

    Rose to Poe – Have you seen Paige? We are about to get boarded!
    Poe to Rose – Woah, by who?
    Rose to Poe – Some are saying pirates, but I’m not sure. I just need to find my sister.

    (Poe, growing anxious)

    Poe to Rose – I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe she already left.

    (Poe keeps walking down the hallway but Rose follows him. All of a sudden BB – 8 rolls out of a room and stops by Poe’s feet.)

    Rose to Poe – Well we need to leave also, come on!
    Poe to BB -8 – Hey buddy, follow me alright, we gotta get out of here!]
    Rose to Poe – Where is General Leia?
    Poe to Rose – She’s by the escape pods, you might want to leave with her.
    Rose to Poe – Is she by herself?
    Poe to Rose – No, Ello and Nien are with her. Besides, she’s a strong woman, she’s been through a lot, I’m sure she’ll be fine. Come on BB – 8, we gotta find Finn.

    (Rose turns around and runs toward the escape pods. Just before Leia’s pod left the hull, she managed to get in.)

    Leia to Rose – Rose! You are lucky you got in. This is the last pod. Where is Poe? Please tell me he left before us. If he’s stuck on that ship with those monsters, I’m going to hate myself for the rest of my life.
    Rose to Leia – He was looking for Finn! I seen him in the hallway just a second ago. What do you mean monsters. What is happening?

    (Leia puts her head down and takes a deep breath)

    Leia to Rose – We have been boarded by the First Order.
    Rose to Leia – What? What’s gonna happen to Poe?
    Leia to Rose – Who knows. His X – Wing is still in Docking Bay one.

    (Leia looks up at Rose)

    Leia to Rose – Trust me, he’ll be alright. I hope.

    (Movie goes back to Poe on the ship)

    Poe to self – FINN!

    (A medic waves Poe over into the medic bay.)

    Medic to Poe – You’re looking for Finn?
    Poe to Medic – Yeah, you know where he is?
    Medic to Poe – He’s right here.

    (Finn is in a bacta suit)

    Medic to Poe – He can’t leave though, the bacta didn’t do it’s job yet. Other medics are loading patients into a troop transport. It isn’t ideal for their well doing, but it’s the only way we could get them out. He’ll be alright, don’t worry.
    Poe to Medic – What planet are you guys gonna head to. The resistance needs him.
    Medic to Poe – We’re heading back to D-Qar, tha –
    Poe to Medic – That’s not safe! First Order troops probably flooded that place!
    Medic to Poe – It’s our only option, now please leave before they capture you!
    Poe to Medic – Who?
    Medic to Poe – The First Order! They have boarded the ship. Some say they spotted someone with a, with a, (pause) lightsaber!
    Poe (Mumbles) to Medic – Kylo Ren.
    Medic to Poe – What?
    Poe to BB – 8 – Come on BB8, we gotta get out of here!

    (Poe takes off with BB – 8 towards docking bay one. As soon as he sees his X – Wing fighter, a blast of light explodes the docking bay and the X – Wing. Poe takes a deep breath and pulls out his gun.)

    Poe to BB – 8 – Alright BB8, we have to stay strong. Whatever happens we are still gonna be ok, I hope.

    (In the distance Poe could hear screams and could faintly see First Order Stormtroopers.)

  • Brian B.

    “Oh it’s…beautiful.” Thanks for this!

  • FN-GZ

    So I have some good news and bad news regarding the gamestop exclusive Snoke. The bad news is that there’s not a single gamestop with him in their inventory. The good news is you can go to your local gamestop and preorder him and get free shipping to your house(although this may just be if you’re a member, I can’t remember), which means you can pay $39.99 instead of $48, or however much they’re charging him with shipping. Not only that, but I was told he’ll be shipped out between the eleventh and eighteenth. We may not have to wait much longer to get him. I’m having a bit of trouble uploading it, but I was given a paper with this info. Just let me figure this out.

  • RumSleg

    This is very, very helpful. Thank you. Between this and the checklist, Yakface is essential for FF.

    • CT-7567

      Agreed. Well said, Rum.