• Paulskywalker

    Glad these are coming to the UK, unlike all the other new figure waves. But that price, god. 6 inch Gree is showing up in TRU for £27.99. I don’t like the price rising to 24.99 for 6 inch so can’t palate 27.99 for an exclusive one.

  • Bombadgungan

    $20.71 US. Yikes!

    • Xo Tica

      Welcome to the collectors universe outside of the US,

      • Felipe Ceccarelli

        The 5POA Basic line, here in Brazil, is almost $32.00 equivalent. The SA ones will never come officially…

  • Pieter Ketelaar

    When does Black Series 3.75 expire as a Walmart exclusive?

    • 80sRobot

      I’m just guessing: late next year when they are moved to the Vintage brand. (This is what happened to 3 of the 4 Rogue One BS 3.75″ Walmart exclusive.)

  • Darth Your Mom

    Those prices are disgusting.

    • THX1138IG88

      The Tie Silencer is 99.99 whete I’m at so these are prived okay

  • Im suspicious that Rose doesnt have a last name listed…theories?

    • Indysolo007


      • Facts dont stop crazy theories these days. Im going to say she is Rose Solo, long lost niece of Han Solo.

  • John Titus

    Just when I thought the Walmart exclusive TBS 3.75 nightmare was over.. I expect to find these sometime at the end of 2018 when they actually make it to a Walmart shelf.

  • John Morin

    yesssssssssss toopres Executioner 3.75 black series

  • John Morin

    where is Rey ? wave 10

    • Darth Your Mom

      Rey is at every Walmart, lol.

      • Bombadgungan

        TBS 3.75″? Not at any Walmarts around here.

  • LaurenceQuint

    Oh, it’s a UK site? Boo.