• Ryan M

    My kids will want these.

    • ThatOneGuyWho…

      Lol yeah. Definitely for my kids.

      Honey, have you seen the kids?
      We don’t have any kids?
      >shrugs and puts dolls in Target basket <

      • Starliteprism

        Haha…asked this for my stocking stuffer. :-p

  • AllThePowa

    You forget that hasbro was being ‘cocky’ then. They tried to immitate He-man which didn’t work out, so they tried 5poa which still was unsuccessful . Now that disney is in control they went down the same exact path. They’re trying to immitate barbie, and it’s still not working, isn’t it? They’re still doing 5poa and it aint working, isn’t it?

  • clubobiwan

    Look everyone! It’s angry Keanu Reeves from the Matrix and Disney’s Mulan

  • Stroud1492
  • Pieter Ketelaar

    i applaud the effort to make female-friendly Star Wars’ toys, but I have not seen any of this line sell, at all.

    • AllThePowa

      Blame Kathleen Kennedy.

      • Why not just blame Lucas for selling Star Wars?

        • AllThePowa

          He thought it was in good hands.

          Kathleen on the other hand never liked Lucas’ image in the first place. She was a feminist that literally emphasized on political correctness than on a good film.

          • Well everyone has their agendas. What makes hers worse than anyone else?

          • AllThePowa

            Quantity over Quality.

            I’n not saying feminism is bad, but the way she forces it in doesn’t make sense. I want a good movie, not Mary Poppins should’ve down the nostalgia throathole.

            Really, it wouldn’t have made a difference if a guy played her role. It was basically Hero beats villain in 5 minutes compared to a man we grew up with for 3 films let villain tear it all down.

            I loved Rogue One. That was a good approach. BUT TFA was a sh!tfest.

  • Dave Irwin

    Why does Kylo look like Rachel Maddow sans glasses?

  • Brian Beck

    anyone gonna want/need Kylo after I buy this ?

  • JohnMorog

    The chewbacca looks like the gremlin from Twilight Zone.

  • Alientek

    Looks more like Kyla than Kylo.

    • JohnMorog

      That’s okay these days though, right?

      • Joseph Tate

        Not really.

      • AllThePowa