• GIBBS v2

    Target for the win!! Three Force Fridays in the bag now and Target had every product available spread across multiple isles neatly stocked three years in a row.

    And No Body to Fight With!!

  • Sy Burr

    Not one WalMart in my area (Front Royal, Virginia) had a single 3 3/4″ figure for FFII. I did get all of the 6″ series but there were only two guys there including me at midnight. Terrible event compared to the days of The Phantom Menace, The Clone Wars, etc.

  • JohnMorog

    I picked up the TBS3.75 Praetorian and First Order Execution on Labor Day after FF2, so I wasn’t too disappointed!

  • chad

    Wasn’t really looking for a lot of stuff. I went to a few Walmarts. Only 3 of them had the displays out. I picked up Hera and Thrawn at one Walmart. The 2 Target I stopped at didn’t open at Midnight just at their regular time and they pretty much had everything. I picked up the executioner at one Target and picked up the retail version of the Black series Landspeeder. TRU didn’t have much of anything. I was told by a guy at TRU Target that TRU didn’t get wave 2 of the black series in.

  • HandsomeCostanza

    Smugglers Sunday damnit!

  • Brian Beck

    Cool. I’m liking Flyguys history of the 6″ vids, as I wasn’t around collecting back then.