• David Young

    Has anyone been alerted they are receiving it and if so, how?

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    That’s awesome. I’m surprised at just how much I like these little buggers

  • heybert17

    Wonder how they are choosing the accounts. I have had the Red Card for many years and bought a lot of Star Wars at Target. But they will probably go to old ladies who buy tons of cat food and ointments.

    • Pieter Ketelaar

      They do a fair amount of data mining with purchases so, hopefully, dropping five bills at Target on Force Friday nabs me these.

  • SID

    Neat… Would be BETTER if target got plentiful enough stock of exclusive pops… Which never seems the case. Since mine gets a single shipment then never again… Sneeze ya miss it.

  • I would like it if it were a little less red…Does it come in a MAROON?