Reminder: 6″ Black Series Captain Rex Available Tomorrow on HTS

Not that you needed reminding, but tomorrow (9/20) is the day you need to squat by your computer or mobile device in hopes to acquire the 6″ Black Series Clone Captain Rex. I would expect this to go up for sale sometime in the morning. Make sure your HasbroToyShop account is in order and you are logged in, you have funds ($24.99 + shipping) available if paying by PayPal. Remember, discount codes WILL NOT work so don’t even bother. Good luck and MTFBWY!

  • cinemaniac_1970

    It’s up on the site, now. Just got one.

  • Colin Cochran

    I agree, I am tired of everything being an exclusive. Collecting used to be fun but now it is just a lot of stress.

  • Chris Smith

    Just checked today at 8:20am EST. All sold out! bummer!

    • Anthony Maurer

      How did you know it was sold out?

      • It hasnt gone up for sale yet. It has been “out of stock” for a couple days

    • Kaijumaster

      Itll show out of stock until its up.

      • Inexplicable Nuclear Balls

        Correct. They could use something more appropriate like “Coming Soon” but hey, it’s Hasbro. What did you expect?

  • JAL

    I’ll wait for the regular release. If it had something significant exclusive to this version other than a few guns, i’d be interested.

  • General Hux

    Not even going to try…Nope, not worth the frustration.

  • Hazzbro Jonez

    so i wonder if they gonna use the tried and true hasbro’clock to drop these around 4:18am EST like the last several releases. a lot has dropped at 4:15-4:18am EST

    • David Young

      How long have you seen this pattern, debating whether or not to set an alarm on east coast lmao

      • SID

        Aka caffeine nightmare… “did I. Get it!?!”

    • SID

      Expect nothing but the same. Otherwise is psychotic.

  • Brian Beck

    I’m actually kinda glad I’m not interested in this. If a slightly different Rey (who it seams no body likes) sell’s out, good luck with this ! I’m getting so tired with ‘exclusives’.

    • SID

      So true. I only got the REX cuz I was present. A better one comes later!?!… At least I got a “collectable” $25 lol.