#sharetheforce POP! Red Stormtrooper Giveaway

Last night we posted news of Target’s #sharetheforce REDcard promotion and in support of that effort, we are giving away one of the POP! Red Stormtroopers! Simply comment on this post with what POP! figure you’d like to see next in the line and we’ll pick a winner tomorrow (No bonus points for asking for Yak Face). U.S. residents only.

Once again, thanks to Target and Funko for making this available to us to giveaway.


    Darth nihilus

  • don

    And when they come damaged? Whenever i order pops from Target or Walmart they all come damaged.

  • Joe McNesby

    Darth Revan

  • Justin Wells

    A Red Vader would be cool along with that

  • Tom Genese

    Tantive V Rebel Trooper.

  • Captain Yorr

    Yarna D’al Gargan (plus size dancer for Jabba)

  • Kyle Koski

    Luke Skywalker X-Wing Deluxe Pop

  • Colin Cochran

    Definitely Wedge Antilles

  • heybert17

    I’m sure we will see one, a flocked Porg.

  • Brian Satchfield

    A red Captain Phasma would be cool.

  • JAL

    Shaak Ti!

  • Leander Monte

    I’d love to see some Clone Wars series characters such as Pre Vizla or Savage Opress. Even Cad Bane would be nice!

  • Alex Vasquez

    Endor Leia

  • Trevor Finney

    Definitely HK-47. Or Dash Rendar. Please.

  • Matthew McCulloch

    Acklay and Nexu and Reek (triple pack baby)

  • Kamran Downing

    Next Star Wars funko pop figure to come out that would be super awesome in my opinion is Jaina Solo.

  • Darkon633

    Asajj Ventress and Quinlan Vos either in a two pack or on their own.

  • jivepicnic


  • smitre

    Captain/Admiral Piett

  • Amaris Castillo

    Loth cat!!!!

  • Jason

    Uncle Owen and aunt beru two pack

  • Corman4444

    Quinlan Vos

  • jackson

    an actual attainable qui gon

  • Curtis Sarkin


  • Jeremy Bell

    Weequay Skiff Master on Skiff

    • don

      Be cool for a black series weequay

  • Rafael Rider

    I’d personally like a movie accurate Ponda Baba

  • SarcoPlankton

    Asajj Ventress all the way. I would love a Quinlan Vos too!

  • Riot trooper triggs

    We need more EU pops, revan the most though

  • Ashley Clark

    I’d like to see my personal favorite, General Grievous.

    • Leander Monte

      There already is one

  • Alex Matijow

    Next Star Wars Funko should be sebulba.

  • PCE

    Shaak Ti

  • Headless Jango like they did for the Ned Stark and Hershall ones

  • Wess K

    I would love to see a Darth Malak!

  • Guidman

    POP Deluxe of Anakin in his podracer.

  • Branflakes

    Star killer

  • SmArF9793

    Saesee Tiin

  • Matthew Towler

    My stock answer for everything it seems… Cad Bane!

  • Greedos Talk

    Would love them to make Cad Bane

  • Adam Holt

    I actually do want Yak Face Lol

  • scottyduke

    Viceroy Nute Gunray

  • Anthony Maurer

    Embo or Cad Bane

  • Mario castro

    The Trilogy of terror Zuni doll would be cool!

  • CMCardz


  • I’ll go there. YakFace/Saelt Marae.

  • nickdico

    Mon Mothma!

  • M.a. Rivarola

    Edrio “Two Tubes”

  • Matt Ng

    Agent Kallus

  • Sam Lee

    McQuarrie Styled Star Wars Pops… Mainly Vader but just imagine a whole line of them…

  • Timothy P Walsh

    Bo Katan

  • John Moon

    Darth Revan

  • Tim

    Darth Bane

  • Marco

    Anikan (episode 3)

  • Craig D

    Flocked Logray

  • Sean Lee

    Kowikian Lizard Monkey

  • Ephant Mon

  • Ken Hoff

    The Ice cream maker escapee from Bespin! Ice cream has to survive… and bobble. 😉

  • Admiral Raddus!

  • Mark Bryan

    Amanaman from ROTJ

  • CoolNerdT

    Fried Greedo

  • Andrew R

    General Calrissian from ROTJ

    • I’m a fan of that suggestion and capes. You win!

      • Andrew R

        Really? That’s awesome!

      • Andrew R

        How do I claim my prize?

  • Nein Nunb

    I’d love to see an episode 3 Anakin Skywalker pop!

  • Mlox


  • Justin Enriquez

    Tusken Raider & Bantha Pop! Ride

  • Christopher


  • Chris

    Galen Marek aka Starkiller

  • Artemis

    Republic Commando

  • Lizzy Repp

    A royal guard in an action pose would be cool.

  • Jerad Chilson

    Vice admiral Amilyn Holdo

  • Geoff W

    Phase II Commander Gree – ROTS

  • Pocky Bandit

    Hem Dazon

  • Dan

    I would like to flock Kabe (batboy) from The Cantina.

  • Ryan Waara

    I’d love to see Jedi Anakin or a pop deluxe of an AT-ST with Chewie piloting from ROTJ!

  • Soheyl Shafiee

    Space slug

  • Leibochips

    Death Star Gunner

  • Hondo Ohnaka!

  • Dan-O Florez