• jerome

    i received my rex today and the shipping box was smashed seriously like an accordian…i took photos and opened it…and the rex box and sleeve were heavily damaged too, and i took more photos. the figure itself appears undamaged, but i am solely an in box collector. does anyone know what hasbro will do to make this right, if anything? or do i just chalk this up as a loss? i dont want a refund…i want a replacement.

  • JediJones

    He is back in stock now.

  • JawaKing

    Anybody get shipping confirmation yet?

  • SarcoPlankton

    Was able to grab one for a friend and I this morning- before I finally got some sleep! Hopefully they don’t looked stepped on and squished when they arrive like half my HTS purchases.

    I just want to thank you for all you do Jayson! Your updates and info have helped me so many times over the years I cannot count. You are appreciated!

  • David Young

    Got him on mobile. Me and a buddy were checking the page every now and then, scored the MTG set with grimlock too =) figured one day Ill make a commander deck out of Ixalan…after I use the one I have for the first time lol

  • JawaKing

    Checked out easy on my PC. I couldn’t remember my site password, so just created a new account and paid with PayPal. Confirmation took about 10 minutes. No issues at all.

  • jerome

    i cant wait for this figure to arrive!…

  • Marcus Ren

    So anyone gotten a confirmation email yet? I purchased through paypal at 9:13am CST and have yet to get a confirmation email from hasbro. Did recieve one from paypal, however. Alittle concerned.

    • Mark

      I ordered around 9:08 and got one at 9:20.

      • Marcus Ren

        Yeah I literally just got mine now. Took 45mins, but I can breathe easy haha. Thanks for the response Mark!

      • cinemaniac_1970

        I ordered at about 10:14 EDT, and got my paypal confirmation email, about a minute later. Still waiting on the HTS confirmation email. However, the order is listed under my account on HTS.

    • jerome

      email came at 9:20

    • Danny

      are you talking about an “Order Received” email?

      • Marcus Ren

        Yeah exactly. I guess the delay was due to the rush of purchases at the time.

  • Mlox

    Looks like it’s sold out!

  • Inexplicable Nuclear Balls

    That website is a piece of crap. I was logged in and ready to go, got him in my cart, headed to checkout and…

    It’s not working.

    After trying desperately to get through the checkout process, I bashed my head against the wall and tried to check out as a guest.

    Hey! It’s working!

    Now I had to input ALL my information, billing, shipping, card info, etc. I kept praying I would get it all done before he sold out.

    I did it. He’s on the way.

    I’ve had trouble every time I try to purchase from their site. Completely ridiculous.

  • David Cruz

    Thanks Jayson for the reminder yesterday. I was able to place my order with no hassle.

  • Starwars Steve

    still up for sale as of 10:30

  • bnicks87

    Got it!! Thanks!!!

  • jedijason1138

    I got my order in!

  • Mlox

    Just got my order in. The “Add to Cart” button wasn’t showing up on my computer, but I was able to snag it on my mobile phone.