• JohnMorog

    Y U NO 3.75″ :”'(

  • Firdaus Yahaya

    now do this with original trilogy stormtrooper and clones!

  • Darkon633

    May be made of cardboard but dam that is one nice looking box.

  • Fiery Little One

    Okay, I’m impressed. I’ll try to track this down somehow. (I’m not much for online shopping.)

  • Diddly

    This looks great, but I already have the Poe/TR-8R set, SH Figuarts FO Stormie, SH Figuarts TR-8R, and the SH Figuarts Heavy Armor Stormie, so I’m debating if I truly NEED this one for my collection.

  • Jaken Wraith

    Worth it for all the Gear alone, wIll provide alot of option’s for the 1st Order Trooper’s. Can make 3 to 4 “new” Trooper’s from a single set of this if you some “loose” Trooper’s laying around.

  • FN-GZ

    In unrelated news the gurdians of evil 4pk was released today and Snoke was pushed back to the 29th. I hate to say it, but I’m starting to get pretty impatient.

  • Darth Parsley

    This figure is a must have, probably going to get 2 so we can now have a heavy gunner in the 6in line.

  • Moseisleynative

    It’s a shame that Hasbro doesn’t approach more characters like this with a deluxe release. Compared to what we are getting for $20, this feels like a bargain at $35.

    • Imperial AMG-mobile

      This is a great idea. Easy way to recoup more $ on a prev mould by just adding more accessories. NECA does something similar with their Ultimate repacks

      • grugz

        i’m pretty sure it hasthe tweaked head sculpt too

  • SID

    Wow. Talk about a complete package. This looks amazing in that box alone. I wish every figure came like this. Only thing it’s missing is a stand (of any kind).