Force Link TIE Fighter

If you’re interested in adding a mostly recycled vehicle from two years ago to your collection, the First Order “Force Link” Tie Fighter has hit Walmart stores (found in the St. Louis area).

Click here for bigger pics, and if you’ve picked this up and the wings are sturdier this time around, let us know, because then it might be actually worth the full retail price tag!

  • George McCollum

    I ordered this one from and the wings are even worse than the TFA release. It’s been sitting next to my TIE Silencer for about a week and looks ready to collapse.

  • Got one yesterday in Chicagoland. TIE Fighter scream effect may be worth it?

    • Brian Beck

      Kylo’s Tie does it. I will not admit to how many times I’ve done it :0 (the snaptite model does it also)

  • sam

    Don’t get it at Walmart. I ordered the “desert damage” Tie Fighter online at TRU. With a promotional code (which they may or may not still be offering) and free shipping, I paid $17.03.

  • Danny

    good item to wait for it to go on clearance

  • MyenShi

    Someone posted photos on Rebelscum. It was severely warped, to no surprise.

  • Barney Dunn

    the last one had such warped wings I had to send back to Hasbro toy shop. They said they were “unaware of any issues” with the wings when I called them. They said there was no fix for this with a set of replacement wings like they have done in the past with other toys since I was the “only one” calling with this problem. Hasbro actually said it was likely the weather or storage issue and not the cheap plastic.

    • Simon P

      Lol, that rep was lieing. It’s a known issue, same with the warped canons in the X-Wing. They know full well the TFA vehicles were junk.

      • Lee Orzeal

        Yes indeed. Hasbro knew these were big QC issues pretty much right from release date, and that rep should have known better or asked a supervisor. I never picked up the 3.75 TFA TIE but I did get the TFA Poe’s Black X-Wing which had warped cannons. I did what a lot of people did and called Hasbro and got a replacement set of cannons which were perfectly straight. Even with it being under scaled, I still love this thing to death. Hopefully, they’ll give us a bigger one in TVC with a lot of bells and whistles (but I doubt it).

  • heybert17

    Wouldn’t better wings mean Hasbro actually listened and cared about what the consumer wanted?

  • tigersith

    Is the pack in pilot the same as before?

    • Rykrof_Enloe

      Yeah, looked like it.

  • Indysolo007

    Why didn’t they make an all black tie?!? Those would have sold (and saved them on paint which Hasbro seems to do inadvertently).

    • Like A Bossk

      All black would of been nice. Sometimes less is better.

    • Brian Beck

      Or make the new Tie Bomber.