• Brian Beck

    In the off chance anyone’s interested, that new BB-9E droid is in the new Phasma comic, she has already violently kicked it for not completing a task.

    • Jimmy Griffin

      I’m actually liking that comic; it’s not bad.

  • phruby

    You would think for a corporation that’s one purpose in life is to grab your money as fast possible they would have a better app. That code doesn’t work. It should be SDPINSTA25. Good luck getting it to accept it though. Good thing the app takes Disney gift cards.

  • Andrew

    SDPINTSA25 = for 25% off your order, both came to $45.44 Shipped for me.

  • Rivesjunctionite

    SWEET! New droids!

  • Andrew R

    Anyone else having issues adding these to their bag in the app or is it just me?

    • DarthMangar

      Response time for their app has gotten progressively worse over the last few weeks to the point that it’s almost unusable. I used to work for the guy who runs technology for Disney parks when he was at another company, and whoever is in charge of the app is probably not loving his job right now.

    • Alexander Gates

      I had a time out issue at the order screen it, it said it didn’t go through. But I received a confirmation email, so be careful.

      • Andrew R

        Sadly, I can’t even seem to get them into my cart, let alone check out. It errors out at nearly every opportunity.