Toys”R”us Exclusive Online Orders Arriving

If you ordered the 6″ Admiral Ackbar and First Order Officer 2-pk from,  be on the lookout for these to be arriving now.

Personal Note:  I received my order today, and opened them as soon as I could – these figures could not be any more perfect for the price.   This is an amazing set, and I hope we see more 2-pks like this in the future… and if Hasbro puts this sort of care into the return of 3.75″ TVC figures, we’re going to be in for some great times as collectors again soon.

  • Marchosias

    Definite pass on these….I was in my local Toys two days ago and they had two….I wasnt even aware it was coming out….One look was all it took to decide on the pass. To each his own…./shrug

  • Brian B.

    Been trying to call/track it down in local stores and wow it’s been a hassle. One day computers were down, another day the stores would tell me their truck isn’t in on that day but it’ll be in on another, then on the day they say the trucks are in they say another store has it in stock. But wow do I want this.

    • Bombadgungan

      It shouldn’t be this hard. I don’t have the time to play those games. Either stock it in your brick and mortar stores so I can just walk in and purchase it without making a hundred trips or make it available on your website to be ordered. If it has now become a matter of having to jump on a pre-order as soon as it goes live or buying later from a scalper at insane markup, I think I may just throw in the towel.

      • Brian B.

        Right? I mean I could still just order online but I’m an impatient man and I want my plastic now LOL. I’m going through the same thing right now calling a bunch of Walgreens and asking about Obi-Wan.

  • Danny
  • Barney Dunn

    6 inch Admiral Raddus would be great, shouldn’t be hard to do a repaint and offer as exclusive.

  • Nicholas Kessler

    Just wish the packaging would not be damaged.

  • Julio Arellano

    Is this pack going to be available again? Thanks.

  • Ben Bonstein

    Admiral Ackbar. Admiral HACK-bar more like. He’s just a copy of Admiral Raddus.

  • Indysolo007

    Imagine if they just shrunk down a quarter of the black series molds for 3.75. It would give us some phenomenal figures!

    • Rykrof_Enloe

      Absolutley agreed – and I think they will be doing that for a lof of the new media especially.