• Fiery Little One

    Good to know. Also, good that you didn’t jump to conclusions thinking the figure had been cancelled.

  • nihilus911000

    I just went into GameStop today to tell them that my figure was ready to be picked up but they said they haven’t received it yet.

  • Victor Hernandez

    Do you know when they might release the Inferno Squad figures in stores (GameStop)

    • Lara Marrs Goebel

      I popped in one of the stores last week to ask. Since Oct. 1 is on a Sunday, it may be a day or two later than that.

      • Victor Hernandez

        So basically Sunday or two days after that. The hunt will begin!

        • Bombadgungan

          Hmm… and here I thought they sold out online and would NOT be available in stores. I just did a search and there are none available in my area. But that may just be because they haven’t hit any brick and mortar locations yet.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    I wonder if Snoke got pushed back just a bit so they can try address packaging them properly.

  • soxpicks .

    Got my shipping confirmation yesterday for the exclusive titanium helmets of red 5 & tie pilot for the ot.

    • Bombadgungan

      I have been collecting the Titanium helmets, so might be interested in these. Are they a Game Stop exclusive?

      • Brian Beck

        I thought they were at BestBuy now

  • Jaken Wraith

    Yup, they hit my Card for the Inferno Squdron Pilot as well. And i guess i’m a lucky one, as my Snoke is on it’s way. I have a departure Scan from Texas, so UPS already has it. Says it gets here on Monday.

    • Danny

      good luck! lol Shipping could be very destructive to some packages

      • Jaken Wraith

        I’m waiting to see if they just slapped a sticker on Snoke as well. I rarely buy off Gamestop Online, only when i have to. Like anywhere really.

        I also have an “in-Store” pre-order for the Inferno Squadron Pilot as well, i wonder if they will come in early? I’ll have to stop in, or give a Call, see what’s what..

  • Julio Arellano

    They keep pushing it back but they have already charged for it, right?

    • They charge when they ship it, not when you order (unless you paid via paypal, they take the $ right away then).