Update: 6″ Captain R-Exchange

Since I’ve been fortunate enough to acquire a few of the exclusive 6″ Clone Captain Rex figures that do not suffer from the dreaded “Shrinky Dink effect” that is plaguing some releases out there, I thought that I’d offer up one of mine for trade. To find out how you can swap one of yours for one of mine, click on through.

Update: Winner has been chosen

It’s pretty easy. Simply post a photo in the comments below showing your in-hand Rex with warped inner tray and I’ll select one that I will trade for mine. Please be on the honor system. If you have (at least) one good sample already, don’t submit. I would really like mine to go to someone in need.

  • Brian Caskey

    Thanks Jayson! I received the Rex figure today and he’s in excellent condition and packaged perfectly! Too bad that Hasbro couldn’t deliver….but you did! Thanks again for doing this, both you and Yakface have my eternal gratitude.

  • DJAubain

    If anyone is willing to sell one of the nang up ones to a dad looking to get one for his Rex-obsessed son, let me know. Willing to pay retail plus shipping. He will open it and play with it, so box condition is not much of an issue.

  • Jon Bruce

    Has anyone tried to leave a review on Hasbrotoyshop? I submitted an honest review of the packaging, and it doesn’t show on the product page. I’m thinking others did the same. If you look at the 6 reviews they’re all positive, but most everyone agrees that these reviews are not ‘helpful’. Kind of strange.

    • Jon Bruce

      Update: I emailed Hasbrotoyshop to inquire why my review still hasn’t posted. Apparently they will review my comments first. Great.

  • Jon Bruce
  • liquidice

    I don’t have the melted syndrome – but both of mine arrived from Hasbrotoyshop with shipping damage. The figures themselves are in perfect condition – if anyone is planning to take it out of the box anyway – would love to be able to trade! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6b2dc570bc86d5a60d8df5e0da22abaa1bbac47f7ff35d544131a2fb5f136e64.jpg

  • Barney Hall
  • Big Rich

    Good looking out…

  • General Hux

    Great thing for you to do, Jay!

  • Alexis Lasek

    I don’t have one and even if I Did I am a opener, but wanted to say what you are doing Jayson is awesome! I wish more collectors were like you!

  • After contacting Hasbro Corporate about mine and being told there are no more replacements, I was going to participate in this. However, after seeing how bad some of yours arrived compared to mine, I feel some of you are more deserving. I’ll live with mine. Hasbro is sending me some coupons for the trouble…

  • Jon Morgan

    I’d just like to buy one. I have several Walgreen’s 3PO’s silver leg, Walgreen’s Vader, 40th Anniversary Obi Wan, Luke and 3PO and a 3.75 Black Series Sandtrooper if anyone wanted to trade any of those plus cash?

  • Brian Caskey
    • Congrats Brian, I choose to swap with you on the warped tray Rex! Email yakfacenewsATcomcast.net for details.

      • Brian Caskey

        Hey, man, that’s terrific! I really appreciate your generosity and your willingness to do this. That is super cool. Just let me know where to send my Mr. Melty! I’ll find something nice to send your way, as well!

  • Tom Marsh

    you have a few????? scalper…..

    • Total of 3 actually. One of which I sold at retail price to a local collector, one to keep MIB and the third that I am offering here.

    • I knew it!!

  • Justin Lovelady
  • Giovanni R. R. M.

    You’re a GREAT MAN, Jayson.
    You’re always exceding our expectations, you do a lot for the collecting community for little in return.
    Wishing my best for that lucky person.
    Cheers, man!

  • CT-7567

    Jayson, Ijust want to say that I think it’s a really nice thing that you’re doing here.I don’t have the figure. I live in MA and chose not to go to HASCON. I can’t even imagine how upset I’d be if I bought two of these figures, intending to keep one boxed, only to have the packaging melt! I’ll just be getting the basic release I suppose, but good looking out for fellow collectors. 🙂

  • Equinsu Ocha
  • Like A Bossk

    Someone with the right skills should make replica trays for all you 6 inch collectors who like to unbox then rebox. Honestly Hasbro should send out replacement trays no charge plus some kind of incentive. The only thing is those who keep sealed mint in box are screwed. At least someone has a chance to get one in excellent shape. This should really go to someone who dosent slice the tape just to preserve factory conditions. Shipping would be risky business I would be guessing then again Yakface is a risk taker thats why they gain so much respect, love it or hate it.

    • As far as I know, none of them have tape to cut (on the slip case).

  • TatooineSandworm

    Holy Crap! Jayson is the man. And this is what Hasbro and Litzsky want to cut ties with? A genuine asset to the collecting community.

    Mine looks fine Jayson, but I wanted to send some praise your way for being the awesome Dude you are.