• Jon Morgan

    Originally posted this is the Snoke Gamestop exclusive with some good replies but feel like I should have posted here. Anyone else have this happening? My Gamestop preorder of Inferno Squad Trooper is still open however I have been charged for it with no shipping update and order is still listed as open. Anyone else have this going on? The preorder states I would not be billed until order was completed but it has proceeded through my bank. I preordered April 15th.

  • mimay1

    No sign of this yet but my Titanium helmets arrived today. Interesting that exclusives up to this point have not been numbered but Best Buy is #9 and Gamestop #10…

  • JAL

    Mine shows as open on the website and a charge authorization is on my card but not an actual charge. They already sent me a damaged Guards 4 Pk that i had to return and still have not received a replacement. They suck beyond words. Monkeys could do better business.

  • Fiery Little One

    I’m thinking about this one, if only to get a figure that uses the Imperial TIE pilot design.

  • Jon Morgan

    My order is only listed as open still.

  • Darth Necris

    Interesting. I saw on my credit card statement that I had a pending transaction with PayPal for Gamestop in the amount that the figure was that I paid for back in May. When I looked again today, the pending transaction had disappeared but didn’t show that it completed as an actual transaction. Odd.

    • Brian Beck

      everything about these is turning out to be odd-Here’s the answer I got in an email about it–Thank you for contacting GameStop!
      I am sorry for the delay in completing your order. I am glad to provide you some information regarding your order, the order was reprocessed and now is just waiting for the item to be received at the warehouse. As soon as we have the item it will be shipped and at the same time you card will be charged. I hope this information is useful for you.
      Thank you again for contacting GameStop and have a great day.

      what scares me is the whole “reprocessed”–that it was pushed to the back of the line, near or past the cut off point.

  • Brian Beck

    My card has yet to be charged yet-had the whole ‘paid with a now expired card snafu’-going to call yet again and complain, to India.

  • Looks sweet in the box, I have every Battlefront related figure sealed starting back from the original Scout Trooper. Should have preordered 2 but I didn’t think it would wow me in the box so much since I am absolutely tired of the red box design. Dammit.

    Has anyone gotten tracking info? Mine came up on my statement but no tracking.

    • CT-7567

      I’m tired of the red and black boxes too. I just got the Spirit Obi-Wan and the blue box is a nice change.

  • Moseisleynative

    I have always loved Tie Pilots so any custom is always welcome. Hope the 2 I preordered in store on 4/15 actually show up. So far my store hasn’t received them.