• jerome

    i still want this set…but i saw the production cape and its the worst soft goods hasbro has done

  • Bombadgungan

    I was trying to find some screen shots of Kylo Ren from TLJ that show this tiled pattern on his cloak. No luck.

  • Paul B

    I want the one on the left
    The one on the right looks like a cheap knock off piece of crap.

  • JAL

    Not cool. I really liked the cape that was first solicited. Might just pass on it now.

  • Rob Nyul

    I want the plastic cape that is shown on flyguy

  • Ben Bonstein

    I was waiting to get this one for the cape, so that’s a bit of a letdown

  • Fiery Little One


  • Sith Lord Jacen

    Hasbro would have to pay it’s employees 3 cents a week instead of 2 if they had to sew that pattern

  • Richard Grissom Jr.

    COLLECTOR: “This Deal’s Getting Worse All The Time.”
    HASBRO: “Pray I don’t alter it any further.”

  • Darth Parsley

    I like the pattern

  • Josuethefanboy_7

    Does kylo Ren have a red eye!?

  • Jayson, just venturing a guess here, but my thought is that the figure posted in the promotional shot may have the cape on inside out? Mine also has that stitching pattern but its purpose is to create a cupping effect so that it hangs on his shoulders well. Again, I don’t know much about this character in Episode 8, so if it means something more than that it’s just because I don’t know.

    • There was/is supposed to be a tiled pattern on the outside of the cape (like on the outside of the plastic cape for #45) as shown in the loose and boxed solicitation imagery for the exclusive. The sewn hem/stitching of the panels is supposed to be on the inside of the cape when worn.

      • Kraig Mclaughlin

        We see the “line” pattern on the 18″ Jakks cape. Really cheap that Hasbro omitted the detail. Not even printed?