• Jon Morgan

    I think these will be readily available at retail. Glad to find the Imperial Guard set locally so I could check the box. The manager there knows shipping is in an issue and said that specific set was getting shipped just as is sat with the shipping label attached directly to the box!!! So with that info I would be cautious to have your order shipped to your residence from Gamestop and look for local stores with stock or maybe pickup shipping to the store.

  • Jon Morgan

    Just checked local Gamestops in Nashville and found several stores with the Imperial guard set. $89…..but I have none of those figures so I am gonna pick it up!

  • Bombadgungan

    I was originally stoked for this “deluxe” Snoke. Now I’m beginning to think I’d be better off just getting the mainline version. I’ll probably have it sooner.

  • Jon Morgan

    My Gamestop preorder of Inferno Squad Trooper is still open however I have been charged for it with no shipping update and order is still listed as open. Anyone else have this going on? The preorder states I would not be billed until order was completed but it has proceeded through my bank. I preordered April 15th.

    • Brian Beck

      To: orders@gamestop.com
      Subject: Re: Important Information Regarding Your GameStop.com Order

      Why has this not been fixed yet ??!! my card has not been charged, and other people have posted pics of receiving these already !!

      Dear Brian,
      Thank you for contacting GameStop!
      I am sorry for the delay in completing your order. I am glad to provide you some information regarding your order, the order was reprocessed and now is just waiting for the item to be received at the warehouse. As soon as we have the item it will be shipped and at the same time you card will be charged. I hope this information is useful for you.

  • Captain Yorr

    February 3 2018 lol just kidding

  • Fiery Little One

    I think I agree. Just cut the crap and either change it to ‘coming soon,’ or better yet, just release it. I mean I’ve been hitting EB Games stores every now and again over the last few weeks expecting to see him and, of course, nada.

  • Jeff Wickson

    As they say…Where there is fire, there is SNOKE. Wait I think I have it backwards…oh well, enjoy the pun nonetheless. I expect to have this in my hands before the Thanksgiving holiday. The delay is no biggee……yet.

  • Call it a hunch but I am betting this is a Hasbro problem more than GameStop. It’s no secret their distribution sucks. Why else would people be getting this Snoke overseas already?

    • Brian Beck

      Exactly. Like how their warehouse must have only gotten 1 box of the Inferno squad figure.

    • Jordan Placer

      I worked for GameStop for three months and know that it is a little bit of both. Pre-orders all have a ETA that fluctuates. Some of the Destiny figures we’re supposed to come out early August and didn’t release until September. However, Pre-Orders arrived first, which sucked for everyone else.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    Reminds me of the Acid Rain Laurel Corpse — all the sites with pre-orders had to change the dates many, many times. Kinda frustrating.

    • Jordan Siron

      Oh, but was it ever worth it when it finally came out. So much detail, even that tiny hidden clipboard for the pilot to consult his maps!

  • Alientek

    They should stop being sneaky snakes about snoke.