• Patric Covey

    Still waiting on my shipping confirmation on my figure. Preordered September 17 on this one and it’s been almost a month. Hopefully this shipping nightmare is almost over. Can’t wait to have Snoke in my hands.

  • Brian Beck

    I know its off topic, but we need some good pre-order news–these were in my mailbox today 🙂
    Good old EE

    • Bombadgungan

      Awesome Brian! I still need to get those two into my collection along with C-3PO and Chewbacca.

  • On the plus side, Fett, Raider, Baba, and Trooper have been up on walmart site continuously for several weeks.

    • Stereotypical Evil Archer

      I had given up hope, I got 2 Bobas on the way. Thanks.

      • Bombadgungan

        Sweet! I FINALLY got a SA Ponda Baba into my collection after NEVER finding the TVC release. Arrived from Walmart.com a month ago along with Sandtrooper and Tusken Raider. I just got my Proto Fett a couple of days ago. I prefer to find my figures the old fashioned way, in stores, but there was NO WAY I was gonna wait around hoping these would someday show up on Walmart pegs.

      • Oh that was lucky.

  • I dunno where you are seeing this date. I go to the site and it simply says “currently unavailable”, and my order stats simply says “open”. I ordered on 9/1. Maybe they gave up…

  • Fiery Little One

    Well, I’ll be a bit more active in looking at EB Games then.

  • Jon Morgan

    Just got an update from Gamestop. Inferno Squad is back ordered and had no status update or time frame….I pre-ordered 6 months ago….how can this be back ordered when it was pre-ordered???? Anyone in retail here? How does this happen?

    • JAL

      Mine is the same.

      • Michael Quinn


    • Brian Beck

      It appears that they got a (way early) partial shipment, then the rest of the pre-orders went to back order :/

      Now the Chicken Vs Egg question is–did they accidently receive the shipment way early, and some yahoo changed the release date too soon, or did the date change, and that’s why they were only able to get a few ?

  • JAL

    Sent back my damaged Guards 4 Pk over a week ago. They keep saying they sent my replacement but couldn’t give me a tracking number. If it doesn’t come today, i am disputing the charge with my card. Gamestop is a bunch of incompetent liars.

  • Tom Marsh

    Gamestop is worthless. Called last week check status on Inferno Squad fig and was told it would be processed and shipped within 24 hrs. LIE. I call back to be told that paypal halted the transaction (17 times apparently) for unknown reasons. Which is bogus since I ordered that helmet set not long ago using same paypal and received that no problem. To hell with these incompetent wastes.

    • Brian B.

      I’m glad there’s other people I can be mad with out there LOL. Same kind of thing happened to me so I just cancelled it. It’ll be easier to find it when it’s actually out eventually.

      • Tom Marsh

        SO ANNOYING!!! Yeah…i will just wait for ebay. Less headache.

  • Michael Quinn

    I’ll have hope once I see that shipping confirmation email

  • ctwins3688

    It’s interesting they would release this ahead of the Kylo throneroom. Why not at the same time (meaning release Kylo now too)? Nothing new to see…

  • Andrew R

    I’ll believe it when I get my shipping confirmation.