• CT-7567

    I’m surprised that they made Artoo glasses. Hopefully that means he’s actually in the movie more than a few minutes.

  • These are actually kind of cool. I like Poe’s especially. That said, there are no Cinemarks here.

    • CT-7567

      None in my area either. I still have my Darth Maul 3D glasses from TPM 3D. I wish I had bought the RO glasses last year. They had them for sale in the theater. First time they weren’t a free giveaway, I believe.

  • I cant decide which one of these I would look least ridiculous in.

  • It would be hilarious if Disney made all the actors wear these throughout the entire 3-D movie version.

  • bmales01

    The Praetorian Guard ones bother me, because the 3-D glasses have the visor the character designs should of