Rumor Report: Black Series Packaging Revision for 2018

Rumor suggests that we will see a packaging revision for the 6″ Black Series in 2018. So far, Hasbro has elected to keep the same basic profile/shape since it’s inception. What do you think? Is a total reinvention/rebranding warranted, something akin to the Marvel Legends line, or should they keep the box and simply change the accent color?

  • Josuethefanboy_7

    I think the package change is good due to the 3D printing on the figures, if they are going to do that with the rest of the figures in the future then I guess a new design in packaging is nessesary, I collect Marvel Legends movie figures the most and I think they should do just that, have premium packaging.

  • Seronious

    They actually are a modern day graphical look. The packaging above is just a homage to the 70s graphical look which is reminiscent of that era, but doesn’t take in modern design elements. The vintage packaging worked back for the Original Trilogy. Let it remain there.

  • John Titus

    Go back to the classic card back to match the upcoming TVC look. The 40th packaging is gorgeous and many will buy 2 to have one to open.

    • Anthony Maurer

      This is the worst idea I ever heard.
      1. It wouldn’t match the rest of the black series collection
      2. You’d have to buy two if you want to open it.
      3. If you wanted it to match the coming line why not make that match the black series?

  • Bombadgungan

    White box with red logo like the rest of The Last Jedi product? Oh wait! Could they still call it The Black Series? Or would that make it The White Series?

  • Fiery Little One

    As long as they keep making them I’m not going to be picky.

  • Seronious

    Once again, a bunch of feces tossing baboons are running the show at hasbro. Seriously, do they not understand that consistency with the artwork and look of the packaging through a TRILOGY makes the lineup look and feel consistent? When they go and throw up a whole new look, it breaks the continuity in the minds of many. This boxart should stay the same from the Force Awakens until Episode 9, that way these figures have a collectible aspect to them. One of the reasons the Kenner lineup worked is that it used this consistency over 3 films. One of the reasons the prequel trilogy lineups seem cluttered and a mess is that they didn’t bother to keep consistency and changed the artwork every time making the lineups seem disjointed form one another.

    Seriously, I was really thinking they figured this out when the Rogue One and Last Jedi waves came, and they kept the same look. Now, theyll blow it because some feces tossing baboons in marketing either at hasbro, disney, or lucasfilm thinks it should change.

    All they had to do was keep it consistent until Episode 9, then move on with a 40th for ESB. But nope. Couldn’t be logical.

    • Lots of assumptions here. First of all, the packaging artwork is dictated by Lucasfilm… not Hasbro. That’s why you see other companies using the same artwork, as well as on promotional materials. Secondly, neither Lucasfilm nor Hasbro are aiming for consistency. They want the customer to see something fresh and new from time to time so that they don’t feel as if it’s something they might already have. Sure, collectors would know either which way. But more than me and you, they’re aiming for mass market appeal. Third, saying the vintage line worked was because it used consistency is simply not true. People bought the toys because the movies were so successful, and at the time marketing didn’t promote a big initiative the way they do now. It had nothing to do with packaging. In fact, if merchandise was marketed at the time the way it was now, I’m quite confident they would have revamped the packaging for each film release.

      • Seronious

        I disagree with your comments about the original line. I realize you weren’t there at that time period, so i’ll take your knowledge of that era with a grain of salt. One of the reasons it worked, because the card art was the same through 3 freaking movies. Back then as kids, there was nothing better than walking into a hills, kmart, or jcpenny’s and seeing those cards on the shelves. The branding was consistent all throughout that era, and it worked. When they are constantly changing the card look it tosses off the collectibility of an ongoing lineup. To me they are failing at mass market appeal, because already they have changed the look of the last jedi cards and it no longer feels connected to the Force Awakens lineup. Card collectors are already bailing, and I know I am one of them. Just look at the comments on this thread.. .a majority want consistency with the lineup. We want it to continue to 100 + and stay in the same box look throughout the trilogy.

        These marketers that are cranked out today obviously are school smart, but practice stupid.

        • I never realized you had to live through an era to appreciate and understand things that came out of it. I guess I should toss anything I ever learned about anything out of the window.

          Considering that collectors who keep figures on the card seem to be an ever decreasing segment, I shall take your opinion with a grain of salt.

    • Barney Dunn

      It is mind boggling but the current line of 5 POA figures look like generic Star Wars figures you would see in any Walmart in 2009. Packaging suggests nothing but Star Wars toy. No mention at all of The Last Jedi says it all. So much for building up excitement for a new Star Wars film. Kenner always prominently stated the titles of the films on the card. Hasbro seems to think that isn’t important.

      • Hasbro stated that when the packaging was developed, they didn’t have the title finalized. That’s why it’s not on the cardbacks.

        • Barney Dunn

          true avoids Revenge of the Jedi showing up on the packaging, but I do think without a title it loses some excitement that there is a new movie.

  • DarthCanabis

    I am a huge fan of the 40th anniversary line and I would absolutely love it if all 6″ figures were done on TVC card backs. I don’t really like the relatively plain black boxes, although they do make storing these very easy. The boxes also make it way too easy for people to swap out figures/accessories than if they’re on card back. And ultimately I just think the card backs provide a much better aesthetic.

    • Seronious

      The 40th line works with OT, but it doesn’t work with the PT or ST. Those figures feel out of place on those cards.

    • Bombadgungan

      While I loved the limited 40th Ann. line for revisiting the “original 12″ in classic Kenner-look packaging, I think the Black Series has worked well for 6”. I agree that cards would make it harder to tamper with, but I have loved the fact that I only have to buy 1 of each Black Series figure. I can take them out and display them and then put them back in their boxes when I want to change up my display. I can’t do that with bubbles on cards.

  • Honestly I think they should have altered it before TLJ line. Everything is red and white right now. They could have kept the red and changed the black for white, with black Star Wars The Black Series font, and reversed negative images of the characters. I think that would have looked pretty cool.

    • Seronious

      So you’re a fan of cluttered lineups that lack consistency? You prefer the way it was done during the prequels vs the way it was done during the OT? Figures.

      • Wait, what? You just argued against any 3.75” figure line from 1995 to now. Figures.

        • Seronious

          Yeah, i’m not a fan of the lack of consistency. Hence, why I want consistency with this current round of red boxes to stay consistent through all 3 trilogy films, along with Rogue One and the Han Solo film.

      • Bombadgungan

        When I was a child I didn’t give much thought to the fact that the cards I ripped my beloved action figures from remained consistent, other than the movie title, through the years. As an adult continuing to collect these figures, I was accustomed to the packaging changes every year or so. It would seem there is greater precedent for change than for consistency. It is also a different time we live in now than in the 80’s. With all the “noise” in trying to vie for consumers’ attention, it’s tough to stand still and not offer something “fresh”.

  • Jaken Wraith

    In the survey i told them to take it to #99, then just change colors and start the number sequence over. But in the same style Boxes, for storage i want the Boxes consistent. If they went to Card’s, i would prob stop buying them.

  • Sith Lord Jacen

    put them on the Vintage Cards like the 40th anniversary

    • satan


  • Paulskywalker

    I like the box, but bored of the red.

  • bigpiffle

    as an opener the packaging isn’t massively important to me but i did quite like how they used to change the boxes for the 3.75 figures between 2008-2011 every year. tbh i don’t mind, i don’t think changing the red for another colour is a bad idea at all but as long as the figures stay as good as they have been recently, i’m happy!

  • CobraSaboteur

    Unless the default packaging going forward is vintage style, I would prefer the packaging and numbering to remain the same personally.

  • coreworld
    • Bombadgungan

      A cool look, but Hasbro’s retail partners would not allow this kind of packaging. Why would they give up half of the needed retail space for a flap with a picture on it? Sure they can ship flipped back to back, but a retailer would not want to merchandise them this way.

  • Hazzbro Jonez

    all this proves is the initial corporate speak reasoning for the black series packaging was BS in the first place like i always assumed…..”black is a color of star wars” shut up

    i dunno if ill keep up if they change the packaging….i like all the numbered red and black boxes uniformity. i have my older ones on the bottom shelf , they dont really display well
    i display all mine numbers out

      • Hazzbro Jonez

        hahaah dang yes exactly !!! all i have is an older picture but yes same !!!

        oh that looks beautiful hahaahah

      • They COULD change at least the color of the insert, but leave the numerical side of the box red so that they fit in with the rest of the series. They’d just need to match a color that is compatible with bright red, like a nice shade of blue or a dull orange for example.

        • CT-7567

          I like the blue they used for the Walgreens Obi-Wan.

        • Bombadgungan

          Nnnnnn… I’m not so sure about that. I like how these are currently so clean with just the two colors plus gray or white graphics. To my eye a different colored insert would clash with the exterior of the box. I say if they change the insert, also change the “spine” to be the same.

          • A white insert wouldn’t clash. In fact, it would look quite nice and go with the color scheme the marketing is using for The Last Jedi.

      • CT-7567

        Awesome. You open stuff too, right? I really need to organize my collection. I wish it looked that good.

      • Darth Parsley

        Awesome collection

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    I hope they start putting the 6 inch figures on cards.

  • mic windu

    Ditch the ‘black series’ it’s been the black death for many collectors.

    • Paulskywalker

      Yeah because it’s clear popularity days otherwise.

    • Seronious

      Don’t be a fool.. it’s obviously what is keeping Star Wars toy collecting afloat. That and lego.

      • mic windu

        I don’t mean the line, I mean the name ‘black series’, the name is hideous

        • Seronious

          Ohh.. I guess that make some sense. Although at this point, the branding kind of sticks with the 6 inch line.. The black series is to the six inch line, what marvel legends is to their six inch line.

          • Bombadgungan

            Except “The Black Series” is used for most Star Wars “adult collector” lines, even those that aren’t 6″, i.e. Walmart SA 3.75″ figures, AT-ST, upcoming RO Hover Tank, Titanium ships, helmets and statues, Masterpiece statue displays, wearable prop helmets, etc.

          • Seronious

            Ahh you’re right on that.

          • Isn’t the Hover Tank being branded under the Vintage Collection?

          • Bombadgungan

            You’re right. I stand corrected. I suppose that’s to correspond with the TVC figures that will be on the pegs at the same time this gets released. I guess I’ve had The Black Series on the brain for the past 4 years or so. 🙂

            Did we ever sort out whether or not SA 3.75″ figures would be withdrawn from The Black Series once TVC returns in 2018? Or will they exist concurrently?

          • Only TVC, no 3.75” TBS

  • John Lindquist

    I’d prefer the same shape, but I’d like to see at least a color change. Their initial idea to change colors for each character, as shown at Hascon and seen on recent exclusives, would make the individual figures pop more, similar to the different pill colors on the vintage cards.

    • Bombadgungan

      Did they reveal that at Hascon? Interesting!

  • SID

    This and only this (see eBay sellers for more example). “replica” “vintage doll” boxes. Its pointless to do anything else…

    • bmales01

      This are sweet! Yazflow. This.

      • CT-7567


    • Darth Parsley

      yes I want this

    • Seronious

      I really don’t like that look to be honest. That’s 70’s cheese…

    • Bombadgungan

      “This and only this… Its pointless to do anything else..”

      Pointless? Why is it then that so many Black Series figures sell out?

      • SID

        It’s the toy and not the packaging. The box could be neon pink covered with Mikey Mouse Symbols, text in 17 different languages etc. Etc. And people would still buy it if it had a Boba Fett inside.

        • Bombadgungan

          You just made my point. On one hand you say it is pointless to do these in any other way than vintage-inspired packaging, on the other you say the packaging is irrelevant because what people are buying are the figures inside and not the packaging.

          Now I’m not suggesting that all of the success of The Black Series can be attributed to the packaging graphics – which I happen to appreciate for being clean, modern, sophisticated and adult – but neither can you dismiss it as being unsuccessful. I understand this “sparse” “uncluttered” look my be derided by some as being dull and boring, but you will never please everyone, as evidenced by the diverse opinions expressed here.

          The recent vintage carded 6″ figures were a beautiful tribute to the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars and embraced by what I would deem a majority of fans, but this is not the only option for the mainline year in year out decade after decade. Hasbro has been reinvigorating the Star Wars toy line almost annually since the 90’s with fresh new looks. With anything, some of these have and will continue to resonate more with fans than others.

    • John Titus

      Those are great. You can buy those slip on covers on EBay. They fit nicely over the original box

  • bmales01

    I’m an opener so it really doesnt matter to me, but I’d say for packaged displayers, keeping the same box dimensions and continuing numbering system would be a good idea. And keep window packaging. No opinion on coloring

  • Change the color background. Prequel trilogy figures should get say orange, original trilogy blue, like the recent Obi-Wan Kenobi Spirit, and the sequel trilogy should get perhaps yellow.

  • John Ditch

    Same sh*t different day for them. Just another instance in which they’ll change something like the packaging, but yet RE-PACK the same damn figure. How many ways can I keep making money off of the same freakin’ thing. That’s the strategy.

    They’ll sink the 6″ line in time anyway with these tactics as these case packs have been horrible for the most part ever since they incorporated the Force Awakens figures and went to the red/black packages.

    People just don’t care about these variations like they used to and sellers aren’t buying this garbage like they used. Just look around the brick & mortar stores for instance. The promotions for this stuff have tanked over the years with less and less product because Hasbro continues to make things that don’t sell along with case packs that don’t equate.

    Foolish marketing…..

    • Seronious

      I have a odd feeling you might be right. I was hoping they would have gone the entire way through episode 9 with the same packaging that started with the Force Awakens. More than likely the Last Jedi lineup will go into the early 60’s, then the Han Solo film could have taken it into the mid 70’s…add it about 20 characters for the lull between episode 8 and 9, then finish it off into the early 100s with Episode 9… It would have been a glorious collection when completed that way.. but now Hasbro sounds like they are about to kill that from happening. Freakin’ a… this news kind of irks me. I want to bust into a hasbro marketing room and throw a complaint. What a bunch of monkeys.

  • bud from welland

    stay the same please. keep the shape and numbers. but if you do end the numbers, please have it evenly divisible by 14 😀

  • Dave Irwin

    Keep the size and shape of the box (for display uniformity) but change colors. We’ve had the red boxes for three years now. It would be nice to see green or purple.

    • Bombadgungan

      Yes, I agree about keeping the box profile the same with just an update to the color. I like the blue they used on the Hascon Capt. Rex box. Or green might be cool. A reference to the green lightsabers or to the later waves of POTF2. Purple? I don’t know. Maybe for a Mace Windu exclusive, otherwise just doesn’t seem all that Star Warsy a color to me. How about yellow? Kenner Luke’s hair and lightsaber, Y-Wing highlights, Droids C-3PO, Anakin’s Jedi Starfighter, Naboo Starfighter…

  • JAL

    Leave it the way it is so that there is uniformity. While colored boxes, artwork and embossing is nice, it would also probably cause the price to rise. There’s no point in raising prices just to get a picture on the box.

    • Seronious

      Agreed. . I want to see the uniformity go through episode 9 then they can change it.

  • Keep the box so it can be displayed with the other figures that have already been purchased.

  • Moseisleynative

    Don’t mind the size & shape of the boxes but I like how Hasbro is making the Marvel Legends packaging with artwork from the comics on the sides of the boxes along with embossed logos for the character or wave on the box tops. I think The Black Series would be more interesting with movie or in some cases, cartoon artwork on the box associated with each film or cartoon series. I also think that embossed logo idea from Marvel Legends would look good with the film name or faction symbol representing the character. Honestly the name Black Series in general just seems generic & the packaging is pretty boring.

    • Imperial AMG-mobile

      Agree x 1000!!

    • Brian Beck

      and start doing SW BAF’s, that would be kool 😉

  • Symbiotic

    I think they should make the special edition packaging mainstream. Like keep the box black but add color accents to the images on the box