• Fire TV Stick Advisor

    Just saw FOD Chewbacca at Kmart yesterday in Las Vegas. I really haven’t noticed these dolls selling.

  • x_IQ_x

    Could they have made Luke look any more feminine?

  • Jon Morgan

    Be cool if they used all this extra plastic to give the 6 inch figures some more accessories.

  • Paul B

    Looking forward to the very first 12″ Ahsoka figure
    When do these come out?

  • grugz

    need a stormtrooper and darth

  • Ahsoka Tano is mine ever. Ashley Eckstein is mine also too.

    • Fire TV Stick Advisor

      Don’t know who this “Ashley Eckstien” is but if she’s cute, I’ll have to steal her.

  • Like A Bossk

    I will continue to support this line. I want a Hera in my collection. This is a custom by someone on Monster High Arena. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ad554c4b6efed547a0a522adf245a73ca3667363d83dc2e5ee3a42cc5efe059b.jpg

    • Darth Your Mom

      Random comment, but have you seen the voice actor for Hera? She’s mega gorgeous.

    • Brian Beck

      Now that’s cool/creative !

  • David Strohmenger

    I think I’m going to have to buy Padme. The 3 3/4″ figure of this outfit is one of my favorite figures ever.

  • Brian Beck

    want now. any chance of getting UPC/SKU/Target whatever they call it ?

  • TheSegaMan

    So happy to see Ahsoka in her packaging. I was beginning to get worried that she wouldn’t make this wave where she was the only figure without packaging at Hascon. Hopefully this means that each of these figures will be releasing within the next few weeks.

  • Vincent Molina

    I have a feeling I’ll never see these in retail. I would like to see this line succeed, but it’s already starting on shaky ground with ow sells in my area. I’m already seeing some on clearance at Wal Mart (which isn’t a big surprise, they’re also putting the Disney Princess dolls on clearance as well; I guess no matter how large the brand it doesn’t stop the fact that kids just aren’t buying toys like they used to).

    If the line were to continue though, I would like an Anakin to go with the Ashoka. I think he would translate pretty well into the line’s aesthetic.

  • Fiery Little One

    Huh, they made it so that you can have the lightsabers hang off the belt if you don’t want Ahsoka or Luke using them. I bet the blades are removable too.

  • DJAubain

    Any idea of a release date for Ahsoka?