• King Bowser

    How tall are they?

  • ShipGirlLover

    If they worked with the game I might get them. But I don’t need yet another super articulated line of Star Wars on my shelves.

    Imagine if Hasbro could be bothered to put 14 PoA on their line…

  • mic windu

    I hope Disney venture into ‘realistic’ style figures… fill the major hole that Hasbro are leaving!

    • Alexis Lasek

      I agree but never going to happen 3 3/4 wise.

      • mic windu

        They already have droids.. perhaps troopers next? I’d be happy to see them produce generic characters while Hasbro can concentrate on others. As long as the Disney ones were easier to get hold of.

  • I didn’t care about game and only cared about the figures, so this is great for me!

  • I’d only be interested if they worked with the gaming platform.

  • Mother_Talzin

    Packaging looks bulky and bland, but the figures look alright. Not all that interested in anything that’s been previewed – hopefully the character selection will be more diverse as the line develops.

  • That stylization seems to work better with Marvel characters than Star Wars.

  • JohnMorog

    Honestly not a super huge fan of these. That style of artwork is just not really my favorite. I’ll stick with the realistic looking stuff.

  • RumSleg

    The more I see of these, the more I like them. I’m probably going to get them.

  • CT-7567

    I’m probably going to get these. I’m a bit torn on the style. One thing that’s nice is Disney Store usually actually has their own items IN STOCK. I’ll have to see these in person. I was also hoping they’d come with more accessories. Like Rey’s staff and blaster or even the Stormtrooper pistol.

    • RumSleg

      How do you think these will sell? Will they move quickly, or will they eventually get clearanced like the Elites?

      • CT-7567

        Idk. I think st first they’ll probably sell well. The Elite die-cast figures seemed to do well at first. Are you interested in these?

        • RumSleg

          I’m on the fence, because I’m on a budget. 😉 If money were no object, I’d be all-in on these. But since I’m trying to keep spending down, these will probably fall into the category of stuff that I really like and want, but just can’t justify spending extra to get.

          • CT-7567

            I’m in the same position. There are a few lines I’d like to collect but don’t because of money. Figuarts, Takara-Tomy die-cast, SW Pops and even some of the Forces of Destiny dolls. I’m probably going to get one of these at first and see how much I like it. I’m a little disappointed that each figure only has one accessory. Also, I usually go by the rule of two but I’ve been thinking i might just get one of each of these.

      • CT-7567

        On clearance I’d definitely be all in on these.

        • RumSleg

          Same here.