• Jordan Placer

    I have to thank you because without this site, I wouldn’t know about these preorders and end up having to go on a wild bantha chase through every store in my area. I am so happy to have this preorder, as well as the Glow in the Dark Ahsoka Funko from Hot Topic, all thanks to you!

  • Paul B

    Sucks I was really looking forward to finding this one before Christmas.

  • Miguel Sandoval

    What, February?! Guess my daughter will have to wait until after the new year for this one. 🙁

  • Brian Beck

    Well that was a no brainer 😉

  • Paulskywalker

    I was in a shop the other day and thought Hasbro needs to get its head around its pricing logic. 19.99 for 12 inch new sculpt, articulated dolls. Then 24.99 for new sculpt, articulated 6 inch figures. And then 10.95 for a 5 POA figure? Where’s the logic? No wonder parents don’t want to buy their kids 3.75 sw figures anymore and they end up on clearance and in discount shops.

  • TheSegaMan

    So much for getting both her and Padme out before the holiday season. Pretty disappointed that she won’t be coming out till then, but at least we have a release month of some kind.


      I’m with you, my daughter really wanted this for Christmas. Given how these are not selling along with most SW toys it seems I’m not sure this would ever see retail. FOD is packed to the brim everywhere, this line is already dead.

      • TheSegaMan

        I’m pretty bummed that the line isn’t doing that well myself, because they are honestly really nice dolls/figures for what they are. They look unique and are a nice change of pace from the typical black, grey, and red color schemes and more realistic sculpts that come with most Star Wars figures, especially stuff like the black series. I think they would do better if it the shorts were more interesting and were an actual show, and most of the figures are overpriced for what they come with.


          One thing that is not helping the line is that these are located in the boys aisle. Stupid!
          While the shorts are pretty dumb the dolls are nice, they started out with 2 Reys and 2 Leias. Too many humans.

          • Still in the girls aisle at Walmart

          • JACKOFTRADZE

            TRU, Target annd WM’s in Chicagoland (At least 6) have them in the boys aisle.

        • Fire TV Stick Advisor

          Walmart reduced Hoth Leia and R2D2 down to $19.99 from $24.99

          • The regular figures in the line are less than $15 at my Walmarts.com

        • ShipGirlLover

          I feel like they needed fully removable outfits with Barbie bodies underneath. Kids lile to play dress up with dolls and can’t when 60% of the outfit is plastic.

  • Coleman Miller

    They need to get rid of their current 12 inch scale & focus on this instead

  • Rivesjunctionite

    Dear Hasbro,
    Great figure! How about a 3.75 scale Lothcat?
    A diehard collector of the true scale

    • Andrew R

      Glad I’m not the only one who focused on the need for a Lothcat in the 3.75 and 6 scales.

    • CT-7567

      Did Ahsoka ever interact with a Lothcat in TCW?

      • Rivesjunctionite

        There weren’t any lothcats in TCW, were there? In Rebels, I don’t recall specifically if she did or not, but maybe she did “just offscreen.” Regardless, these are dolls for girls, and girls like cute things, so… At least I guess that’s how the marketers’ reasoning goes.