Update: 6″ Black Series Wave 15 (Wave 1 2018) Breakdown

Here is what we can expect to start see聽in approximately January for the 6″ Black Series assortment. Again, cases are composed of 8 figures as follows:

6″ Black Series Wave 15/Wave 1 2018)
New! DJ (Canto Bight)
New! Rey (Resistance/Island Journey)
New! Clone Captain Rex (New Face Print)
Captain Poe Dameron (#53 Repack)
Lando Calrissian (#39 Repack)
Imperial Royal Guard (#38 Repack)
Captain Phasma (#06 Repack)
First Order Stormtrooper (#04 Repack)

Update: I forgot to add Royal Guard 馃槢

  • Jack

    why dont they just make every retailer rich and release the boba and carbonite pack

  • John Ditch

    Haha..This line is going down in a flaming ball of s***. Repack after repack. 6 figure case, increased to an 8 figure case. Just more and more CRAP for everyone to buy and warm pegs.

    Imagine being a retailer with this stuff and getting these case ratios. How in the hell are you supposed to unload this stuff and turn a profit on items that have already been released or that no one wants???

    Buy countless figures at X, only to continuously LOSE countless money at X? Absolutely TERRIBLE marketing.

    I just don’t see how these sorts of ratios could possible make economic sense for anyone to carry any more, which then translates in to no product for the consumer in the long run and then finally cancellation of the line. Wow….

    • I am a small retailer and it is getting increasingly difficult to buy and sell these figures. 5 Repacks in each of the last two cases. You have to sell the 3 new figures for way over regular retail just to break even on the other 5 that you’ll clearance out for a 40% loss.

  • Jaken Wraith

    I am really dissapointed that the Trooper and Phasma are listed as re-pack’s of #4 and #6 as both have minor upgrades to the Costume’s. Phasma with her Spear, and i think her Cape is slightly different. And the Trooper with the return of the “teeth” and slightly different angle of the Nose plate. I really like where i think they are going with the Trooper’s, as i think in ep IX they will have double respirator holes on the front of the Helmet, to bring it back to looking more like the original Stormtrooper’s. But i hope this is a mistake, and they are not re-pack’s, but have number’s in the 50’s or 60’s somewhere.

  • grugz

    is the stormtrooper going to be the one with the updated helmet like the executioner?

  • sneezeey

    Is there confirmation that none of the repacks will have face printing added? Rey and DJ both will have it, but neither has it labelled (like Rex does), and it wouldn’t be the first time TBS figures get re-released with better paint

  • Josuethefanboy_7

    I hope they arrive early like around mid to late December, I’m really stoked for DJ.

  • scarletspider

    They should at least add Phasma’s staff

  • ShipGirlLover

    God forbid they carry forward Jaina Solo 馃檨

    Looks like many peg warmers save for Rey, Rex, and the Royal Guard (because everyone will want more than one).

    Even throwing a pole in with that blocky Phasma from the TFA line isn’t going to help.

  • Fiery Little One

    If Phasma and the Stormtrooper are just straight repacks, they would be the only ones I don’t need. The Imperial Guard… I’ve got the 4 pack release so ‘need’ would be a little strong. I’ll probably go on impulse.

  • Sith Lord Jacen

    pass on this wave

  • TheLastTrooper

    This is really off topic, but I was going through some of my old Star Wars figures and found this Rebel in Hoth outfit. The top of his left leg isn’t painted brown like the other. I did some research and couldn’t find any that looked like this. If someone knows what it is worth, if anything, please respond. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8299dd0c3ad2a1d0bbd3e0c702583e50aa592481b617cc47ea9aa95d65e88019.jpg

    • Maybe register in our forums http://www.yakfaceforums.com/phpBB3/ and ask there.

    • comicalUser

      It is factory paint error. It is a fun oddity. Some consider it to be worth more and will pay a premium. Most will consider it an error and not want it.

      • TheLastTrooper

        how much would the premium be? someone on ebay has a x wing luke pilot error figure that doesnt have the black strap painted on his back and he is asking $400, though it seems like no one wants to purchase it

        • comicalUser

          It all depends on what the individual wants to pay. Popular characters demand more money. A Rebel soldier, not so much (although there are indeed fans). However, the figure looks like it in pretty nice shape. It could make this $10-15 figure maybe $40, or possibly more, in an open auction.

  • JAL

    Another dumb case assortment. I usually order by the case but i didn’t for wave 14 and won’t for this wave either. Not going to buy a case for 3 figures. If they had just made the case with the 3 from wave 14 and the 3 new ones from wave 15, i would have bought the case.

    • CobraSaboteur

      Exactly. Hasbro is allergic to our common sense thinking unfortunately.

      • Wayne Collins

        Problem is, Hasbro do this to try and maximise profits, but are too short sighted to understand retailers at all levels will end up once again having to sell this stuff at clearance and not make a profit

        In the last year, Star Wars Hasbro products have been seen as “toxic” at distributor level, and its not long before some of the big chains finally drop it due to losing money.

        This wave is due in February, well after the feel good factor has passed. Well, that’s if it makes it into stores, already jammed full of peg warming Kylo’s, Rey, Maz’s, and Poes. It’s piss poor once again from Hasbro.

        • CobraSaboteur

          Unfortunately, Hasbro is not as good at maximizing profits as they might think, with specific regards to case ratios. I could give a million example of how they could flush out the cases of upcoming waves with better repacks and plenty of seasoned collectors can do the same.

          This of course would benefit the brick and mortar toy collectors who hunt (doesn’t effect me because I order my figures/waves through EE) as well as the retailers who would see more sell-through. To be honest, the most glaringly bad problem with the waves isn’t the ratios/repacks they choose to bring forward (which is terrible mind you) but rather with the wave size in general. If they made each wave around 7 figures like Legends does and only double up on the most collector-focused fig of that wave (think Revan for example), you would see MUCH less peg warming.

          Now we all know Hasblow won’t release nothing but 7 fig waves and to be honest, I think going to the 8 fig casepack was a mistake. I would’ve preferred to see them keep the 6 figure casepack and only make 5 fig waves with a desirable double, or, just 6 figure waves like they did with Wave 9.

          As far as retailers go, Hasbro has their money once the retailer orders the respective assortment on the distribution side and Hasbro doesn’t really “need” to care how well retailers sell through stuff because it’s a very subjective based on the chain itself as well as the demographical/geographical location of said stores as well. There are stores who don’t move product and stores who move a ton of it, based on where that chain/store is located.

          Also, as long as big box stores that stock action figures are around and continue to exist, they will always carry SW figures/merch. That’s not really changed in almost 40 years. However, what has changed, is the ever-pervasive culture of online shopping (of which I fall into) and the effect that has leading to slower sales on the B&M level. I could walk into a store and see EVERY single figure from every toy line I collect…even if I don’t have some of those figures in question…and just keep on walking by as I already have said figures on order to be delivered to my doorstep.

          There’s also the price points to take into effect. Back in the mid 2000s, a case of 12 3.75 SW figs cost less than $100 and then $120 when they went from $7-8 to $10 each in the late 2000s. Now, a case of only 8 6in figs cost $160.

          Lastly, The above aforementied pricing really comes into play when you factor in the “I’ll wait for a sale” culture that’s permeated the collecting community because of where price points are at. Recent polls on toy websites show that even when speaking about said collectors #1 favorite toy line, that a minimum, 40% of the collectors don’t pay full price for their figs and do so by waiting, shopping holiday ads when everything is marked down to increase customer foot traffic/sales and just overall, by enacting the mentality of “it will go sale eventually, so I can wait”

          I pay full price for all my figs (that doesn’t mean I don’t wait for the occasional sale here and there of course on bigger-ticketed items) and I’m not making an argument against those who never try to pay full price (that’s completely fine with me and its not like I can control it anyways) for their figs either-I’m just citing some data as well as what I see on the toy forums these days. This also has exponentially increased the shady practice of returning figs and replacing them with something else. I mean that’s not really shady as much as it is straight stealing and while there is ZERO excuses for that behavior, it does help paint the picture that less collectors are willing to pay full price for a fig. Of course this practice is nothing new and has been done for a LONG time but I have NEVER seen it as bad as it is nowadays. Honestly, I see an example of it being done in around every 4/5 store I walk the toy aisles of…

  • Brian Beck

    Just let me know when I can preorder Rey.

  • alex moore

    Eh. This wave’s not great, but it could have been so much worse. Most of these repacks, although quite cheap online, have been fairly hard to obtain in stores. Except for Poe, I see most of them moving. I especially see Phasma and the FO Trooper moving if the TLJ improvements are made. Royal Guard will move, because it’s the Royal Guard. And Lando might do okay with Solo coming in May.

  • bigpiffle

    okay that makes this wave a little bit more manageable, i thought i’d be shelling out for tarkin, rebel fleet trooper, jawa etc. as well! and i’m glad they’re repacking the royal guard, missed that the first time round so it’ll be good to try and score it at retail price!

  • Danny

    All I read was. repack, repack, repack, repack, repack…..

    • Ann

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    • Tammy

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  • mimay1

    You’d think they’d put a Jawa or Death Squad Cmr in there…

    • They’re in later wave

      • TatooineSandworm

        can you share that one too? 馃檪

        • Seronious

          If you go by the Walmart upcs then they could be packed in the first solo wave with Tarkin and four solo movie figures. Or worse case scenario there is one more wave before that where those two and tarkin are in a case of repacks. I somehow doubt they鈥檒l go down that rabbit hole.

    • CobraSaboteur

      Probably in the next wave with Tarkin & fleet trooper. If I had to guess, that will be the OT themed lead in wave to Solo…but honesty who knows at this point because Hasbro clearly doesn’t.

  • Ty

    How about Chewbacca, Or how about make more new figures

    • Josuethefanboy_7

      They need to get inventory like marvel legends just straight up cases so everybody can have a bit of everything instead of just reapacks and re-releases so Wal-Mart’s wouldn’t have their shelves clogged.

  • SteveU1

    That is one horrible wave. Stormtrooper,phasma and lando are all still $10-15 already. I hope this changes.

    • I forgot to include the Royal Guard in my post. List updated.