• Ron Trackwell

    Haven’t seen any wave 2 figures in store in Indy. wish Hasbro would get their s*** together.

  • Jimmy Griffin

    Really hoping I see these in my area soon. I want that Luke and Leia, probably Artoo; still on the fence about Rey.

    • Ann

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    • Brian Beck

      Oh just get it, she has 7poa also–that’s 2 more poa for the price of 5 🙂

  • JohnMorog

    It is honestly saddening that Luke figure is not super-articulated. It’s so good I might even break my 5poa rule. But it’s still not OK. I seriously do want a good, bendy-elbowed version of that figure because it just looks so good.

    • Brian Beck

      You won’t be breaking your 5poa rule cause he’s 7poa-swivel wrists, so you are GTG 😉

      • JohnMorog

        ooooooohhh I’m saved! Phew.