Man WALGREENS is great this week. Even being late to stores I got 2x Snowtrooper, 1x Finn disguise (love this figure!), 1x Stormtrooper, 1x Ghost Ben (they are not panted well at all!!!), 1x exclusive C-3PO. Just between 4 out of 7 stores.

    Also saw General Leia and Captain Poe (he seems very common right now) but I already got them for the same sale price last month at another chain. Plenty of Ghost Ben’s around too so no rush to grab a second.

  • Skav Atar

    found some of the 30’s series, like Royal Guard, Quigon, Lando and Tusken Raider recently. Still haven’t seen any Sabine, Revan, Chirut or Baze….

  • Jon Morgan

    I have been finding Rey on the clearance end caps at Target for $29. These black series vehicles really are incredible, so many panels and sculpts are excellent. I got both Rey and Luke on Amazon for $39 and $45 respectively and well worth it. I will be getting doubles as I have already customized Rey. I wish they would have started at the $35-45 price range and I think alot more of them would have moved quicker. When the basic figures are already $20 a pop that’s alot to ask single collectors to drop in a short amount of time. I’ll update later with some photos.

  • JohnMorog

    So stupid. “hey guys, we’re hasbro, and we just love not making money.” Why do you consistently produce products that have to be put on clearance to sell? Literally the only ones that sell are the black series figures, and even then, only the ones that are cool. It’s almost like the consumers control the market and decide what is desirable…. Huh, what a concept.

  • Jason

    I saw the Luke & Landspeeder set on clearance at a Target this weekend for $42.99. It didn’t appear to be damaged or repackaged.

    I also found the EE-exclusive Imperial Forces 4-pack at Half Price Books. It was $49.99 and they had a 50% off one item coupon on Sunday. I got the set for $24.99. Not sure if this was a one-time find or if the chain bought some of EE’s overstock.