• Equinsu Ocha

    I saw an ad in Target this past weekend for the free mini Millennium Falcon, and I was all set to buy a lego set just to get it. But then I saw the actual free set, and was really disappointed. Lame.

  • What a piece of junk!

    Horrible mini-build, over priced. Basically an advent calendar ship.

  • JohnMorog

    $4.99?? Not $3.49 like all the other polybags?

    • No, these are slightly different than other bags though because of the Star Wars plate

      • JohnMorog

        but only a total of 20 pcs……….

        • Yslar

          that’s a quarter per piece of plastic O.o

          • JohnMorog

            Yeah exactly….. That’s silly. Usually polybags have like 35-60 pieces.

          • Bombadgungan

            Yeah, I’ve tried to collect most of these mass (U.S.) release polybags, but seeing this, I may just pass. Seems so small compared with the others. Maybe good for pairing with a Space Slug in a diorama, but not much else.

      • Bombadgungan

        Star Wars plate – I’d pay a dollar fity for that. No, no I wouldn’t.