Rumor Report: “Solo” Force Link Set and Flagship Coming In April

Hasbro is committed to the Force Link technology in their 3.75″ action figure line and it looks like that trend will continue with products forĀ Solo: A Star Wars Story. We can expect to get at least one Force Link Starter Set (bracelet with a pack-in figure) and possibly in another “flagship” type releaseĀ in April 2018. Additional details (UPCs/SKUs etc.) for these and other 2018 products will be posted once we have them.

  • Cheeseman James

    they need to release the ghost for 3.75

  • Gloriouscollector

    I may not be a fan/collector of 3 3/4 5POA figures, but I do like THIS gimmick reminds of the CommTech days. I’d rather have this gimmick then the build a weapon gimmick.

  • Paulskywalker

    Prepare for a re-release of the TFA Falcon with new paint job and radar

    • Well the guy (Mark B.) did win the “Toy Designer of the Year” award for that …thing.

      • Paulskywalker

        I wonder how much Hasbro paid for that award?

  • Seronious

    I think they should put these chips in the 6 inch line and the vintage too.

  • Sith Lord Jacen

    In April 2018 I hope to be buying the vintage Collection figures,,Hasbro can keep putting out cheap crap like this and i”ll keep not buying it.

    • TatooineSandworm

      Rey, Kylo, First Order Stormtrooper, Hoth Rebel Soldier, Jyn Erson, Cassian Andor, and Death Trooper Specialist.

      You can get 6/7 right now at Walmart. Unfortunately, The Return of Vintage will not be the exciting prospect it should be. However, we will have Aphra, Tank Driver, and Snoke to look forward to in the second wave of Vintage. Hopefully wave 1 doesn’t kill the line before 2019.

      • Sith Lord Jacen

        I’m just hoping for YakFace, Hammerhead, Luke & Han in Stormtrooper outfits, The Emperor and a Imperial Shuttle. But all the repacks of every thing but the Original Trilogy will probably kill off the line.

        • Bombadgungan

          Hasbro should just make an Original Trilogy line exclusive to pharmacies. They can sell them on a clip strip between the Metamucil and Preparation-H.

          • Seronious

            No kidding. If they just focus on the OT it will get old and stale quick. Most of the characters from those films have over 20 different sculpts already. The original VC already filled the OT void, and they pretty much covered a majority of the major OT and PT characters. It’s obvious with the announcement of a new trilogy, that they can now keep the VC going for a considerable time, but people should just get used to the new characters from the new films taking precedence over OT and PT characters.

          • CobraSaboteur

            It’s rare when I read a comment that gives me an actual “lol” Well done!

          • That would be perfect, genius really! Some of the more elder SW fans can pick up their OT collectibles, along with various sundries and constipation remedies while they bitterly mutter to themselves about the Prequel/Sequel trilogy, all in one convenient stop.