• StarTron

    another luke item is revealed with NO lightsaber. that pisses me off. and confirmation on the red crystal. i’m hoping it’s just something wrong with the image, but as i see it, that likeness sucks.

    • Jordan Siron

      It’s entitely possible Luke doesn’t use a lightsaber in the film. Given his perceived stance on the Jedi these days, he may have completely given it up. He may even have transcended the need to use one, like Yoda—before Lucas decided he needed to have one in the prequels.

  • CT-7567

    How much would this go for?

  • J.R. Raz

    He, uh…. he looks like Andy Richter…

  • As soon as this opens for pre-order I’ll be adding it. I love the texture and the costume itself is beautiful. And that head sculpt is miles better than Hasbro’s TFA Luke.

  • JohnMorog
  • JohnMorog

    Why get this when you can wait 4 years for Hasbro to make one?

  • OK… that compass. That compass was in Battlefront II!!!!