Be Mindful: The Last Jedi Leaks Abound

As we approach the official release of The Last Jedi, kicking off with the red carpet event this weekend, now may be the time to check out of casual online browsing, especially social media. Entire image galleries from the Visual Dictionary book (released on Dec. 15) have hit sites and even some of the new official TV spots have some pretty surprising reveals (a big one just today) that you may wish to experience in the context of the entire film rather than in a quick clip. Again, official TV spots and trailers are fair game to talk about but if you’re sensitive to “spoilers” the onus is on you to avoid them or seek them out. It is our responsibility to give you the option. If you wish to discuss spoilers, head to our forums.

  • Captain Yorr

    thank you so much for offering us a choice here. I come here for more than last jedi news. I don’t want to see a shot from a clip on the tv I can turn away from , when I’m here to see what new pops are coming out.

  • mic windu

    Thanks for stating this. I will take this as my cue to go dark for the next week. What I don’t understand is the big reveals in trailers and tv spots, star wars is huge I can’t see this being an advantage? No one is going to be swayed to go and see the film after seeing a plot point being spoilt in a 30 second trailer are they? and why so many tv spots? Has anyone added up the run time of the promotional footage coz it must be close to half the film!!

  • SID

    Thanks for the heads up. Figured I’d have to go dark soon anyway. I’m not huge into plot spoilers… But I haven’t “waited 2 years” just to have someone ruin it for me.

    • JohnMorog

      Han Solo Dies in the force awakens.

      • SID

        Lol that was one I knew before the movie… Read on makingstarwars that someone from the set said “Han or chewie” dies.

        But honestly the second I knew Ford was back that it was to kill Solo… But not gunna lie I held out in the theater every second. Cuz the bigger surprise would’ve been to let him live! (even just to have him MEET LUKE… Then die)

  • Brian Beck

    Yeah good point. I regularly watch Collider and John Campea, and they are all going to the premier, and there is no embargo on putting up reviews, so I might have to go ‘dark’-I have zero presence on “social media” so that’s an easy one 😉