• Car Wars!

  • Bombadgungan

    I’ve half heartedly collected these. Some get me excited for the actual character while others I like for the look of the car, but others are just meh. I have the majority of the original blue cards, a few of the black TFA cards, but really fell off from buying them during the Rogue One cards. The only one I’ve picked up from TLJ so far is the black BB-9. I have to say I really like that IG-88 and Wampa though.

  • Brian Beck

    Do these have a ‘release date’ I’ll get this one 😉

    • Seronious

      These supposedly have a January release date. It’s mix 4.. Here’s the supposed breakdown. The Luke Skywalker that was in the Rancor 2 pack is single carded, as well.

      1x Ahsoka Tano
      1x Wampa
      1x IG-88
      1x Luke Skywalker
      1x Elite Praetorian Guard
      1x BB-8 CC
      1x C-3PO
      1x R2-D2
      1x Jabba the Hutt
      1x Wicket
      1x First Order Executioner
      1x Dath Maul

      • Brian Beck

        Cool, thanks. I always pass through the car section at mart, target, ect, but never 100% paid attention, I guess I’ll look harder now 🙂

  • ghost man

    LOVE the character cars!