• Rodrigo Revilla Manuel

    Another idea One Rebel-Resistance 4-Pack.
    Ackbar (repack TFA)
    Vicealmiral Holdo (NEW)
    Nien Nunb (repack TFA)
    Kaydel Ko Connix (Billie Lourd, Carrie daughters) NEW

    2 new and 2 repack.

  • Bombadgungan

    I’m guessing this is like the 5-POA 4-packs we got for TFA and Rogue One? The one with Maz and the one with Saw? That format? I guess I didn’t remember those as being Blu-ray/DVD “commemorative” sets.

  • Mother_Talzin

    Hope its as good as the RO set, and not a dud like the one they released for TFA. Don’t get me wrong, Maz is a fantastic figure – but 3 repack isn’t forgivable after they promised not to do one new sculpt with repacks (in multipacks) anymore. If they’re going to do a repack, let it be Snoke, since he isn’t available in the basic line nor the 2-packs.

  • bnicks87

    The Rogue One set being 75% new gives me hope for this one.

  • SID

    can’t wait. Wish they did 2 of these a year… one each at next merchandise launch.

  • Any clue of which figures will be in the pack?

  • Elijah

    3.75 or 6″?

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    My guess….

    – Rey (repack)
    – Snoke (repack)
    – Praetorian Guard (new head)
    – new figure

    …and a bonus Porg.

    • Tom P.

      Maybe we’ll get a new alien in the set.

      • JohnMorog

        In your dreams. Disney is prejudiced against aliens in the lime-light.

        • Tom P.

          Sadly that seems to be the case.

          • JohnMorog

            Sad but true. Even figure-wise barely any aliens have surfaced lately. Definitely not in a super-articulated form.

          • Tom P.

            Nor in 5POA. Which is fine for background aliens.

        • ShipGirlLover

          Got plenty of TFA alien figures still clogging the pegs in ToysRus.

          • JohnMorog

            Which ones, Goss Toowers and maybe a Hassk thug? That’s like half the list of alien figures they made. Think about TLJ wave. Rose, Finn, Hux, Kylo, Rey, Obi-wan, Leia, Luke, Paige, c3po, r2, chewbacca w/porg, yoda. Did I miss any? Of those figures which are aliens? Of the aliens, which are specifically from TLJ? One, the porg. And that’s just a pack in…

      • Shoretrooper

        All the new alien designs in The Last Jedi are awful. They look like they’re from a bad episode of Doctor Who rather than a Star Wars film.

    • Brian Beck

      Yep, just enough for you to want/need/regret all at the same time 🙂

    • Bombadgungan

      If it’s Rey, Snoke and Praetorian Guard with new head, my guess is the 4th figure would be Kylo Ren. And no, I don’t recall seeing any Porgs during the throne room showdown. 😉

  • Brian Beck

    A possible 4th guard would be interesting.