Cantina Chatter: Episode 17 – Return of the Vintage Collection Discussion

Listen to the latest episode of the Cantina Chatter Podcast! In this episode, I am joined by Jayson from and Chris from The Collectors Hutt as we discuss our hopes and expectations for the return of Star Wars The Vintage Collection. Click the link in my bio to listen on YouTube or download the episode on iTunes.


  • Rob Nyul

    I have so many 3.75 I’m bored of them. 6″ is the best in my opinion

    • Gloriouscollector

      NOOOO!!!! No its not.

    • SID

      Been in the same boat since last year now. Been collecting since early 90’s NEVER wanted 6″ but in comparison to what Hasbro offers (price included) + the THOUSANDS of figures since 1978 its kinda a no brainer.

      I will always love and collect (in lots/discount mostly) the 3 3/4 line but its NOT going anywhere. SW is sooo mass produced that 90% of the product is disposable and “worthless”.

  • Brian Beck

    Awesome amount of RO love 🙂 Forgot about resentence Rey with hair down, and +1 for Lieutenant Connix 😉

  • Jebediaah

    Thanks for concentrating on TVC. I can’t wait to listen and I can’t wait for this line to arrive.

  • Sith Lord Jacen

    We need Cantina and Jabbas palace aliens,,and don’t forget the POTF figures.