• LNCHoo BRKoo

    Walmart in my area discounted the single figure line to $5.00 each, No doll has left the shelf.

    • THX1138IG88

      Lucky you. There still 35$ in Europe

    • Robert Collins

      I just bought them all for my 1 year old daughter lol. I paid 12.50 for the two with the droids, 15 for Endor Leia, $9 for standard Rey, and $5 for Sabine and Jyn.

      • The role-play light saber and staff are on clearance as well for $7 each at a few of my stores

    • ShipGirlLover

      Same here, except for Sabine. I bought one and there were just two left. ALl the rest were falling off the shelves they had so many.

      And Hasbro is doubling down on this line with more vehicles and less articulation?

  • Joanna Wallace

    With a name like “orange” I’m curious if it’s Maz…

  • Brian Beck

    Preorder update, preorder update, with link….please 🙂

  • Coleman Miller

    I hope to see Hera in this line, plus have Hasbro use this format to promote the 11-12 inch figures. It’s time for the shampoo bottles to end.