Site News/Feedback: Push Notifications

In this digital age of news delivery we are looking into how to further enhance this site and how we bring the news to you. If you follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) you are already accustomed to our near real-time/live updates and notifications of breaking news, product announcements, exclusive reveals and in-stock availability of in-demand products.

That said, we are researching the implementation of push notifications transmitted to you via your phone, tablet, and desktop computers for even faster news delivery as we know you can’t be online every where at once. ┬áThe notifications would be opt-in of course but we wanted to take your temperature on this first before implementing that functionality (if at all).

If you have an opinion on the matter, feel free to leave a comment. If received positively, we’d look for it to go into effect February 1.

*image above is representational and not reflective of the final design

  • Peter Buck

    I think this would be awesome..count me in!

  • David Young

    This would be amazing.

  • sstingg

    I’m sorta new to yakface. I’ve been reading the website for years but never posted but I would love to be a part of this push Jayson. Can you please let me be part of your test and send me some notification prompts. Thanks so much!!!

  • Brian Beck

    I prefer to be sent a Raven.

  • Mrfett79

    I think this is a great idea. I definitely am on board with this

  • Sithewok

    I would use them, definitely. What could make it even better (and I’m not sure if compartmentalization is even possible with something like this so bear with me…) is if you could subscribe to notifications for one type of news only. For example, I wouldn’t want news of 6″ figures or Lego so much though I would go nuts for stock alerts and news of 3 3/4″ stuff.

  • MicroCapo

    I’m definitely in. If it wasn’t for alerts pushed to my email, I likely would’ve missed Kylo for the fourth time. I only got him because he remained in stock for more than 15 minutes and at a decent hour. Something more immediate, such as text updates, would’ve allowed me to get it on the first or second stocking.

  • Don’t be alarmed if you start seeing notification prompts prior to Feb 1. as I’ll be doing some testing to ensure a smooth implementation.

  • I could dig it, mainly for in-stock notifications or store sightings.

  • Rivesjunctionite

    It’s not for me. I just don’t do push notifications on my phone. I don’t see any reason to not bother with it, though. Other people might like it.

  • JohnMorog

    I actually would not mind this, but most especially for in-stock alerts and sales, whether online or if it’s showing up in stores.

  • Bats2012

    I would use them