• Bombadgungan

    Oh of course it is! After I wait and wait for it to show up locally last Fall, search everywhere and eventually locate on in another state, make the drive to secure one for my collection at full retail, NOW it’s available for “clearance” prices. I’m starting to think those people are right who say never pay full price, wait for clearance. I know that doesn’t help the hobby, but dang! How many times have we seen product not make its way to wide distribution when the time is right only to be marked to clear when it finally does hit stores?

    • Hazzbro Jonez

      it has no bearing on the hobby. the only thing it affects is overhead, profit margins ,gains /loses and quarterly bonuses. the more the people pay the inflated exorbitant pricing for this BS right out the gate just to post on Instagram first so Mr Steve 18 can like the pics, the fatter the pockets get.
      Hasbro is in no position to go broke from this franchise, i dont give a fly rats butt what some wall street says that toy sales are down 1.8 percent
      Hasbro is not hurting and wont be hurting for a while.
      all of the QC cost cutting isn’t to save a company from going under, it’s making a powerful company even more powerful.

      • Rob Redahl

        If you haven’t already, watch the netflix doc “The toys that made us”.
        In the early days Kenner only had to pay Lucasfilm a nickel on each dollar made from the toys, or so they say.

        • Hazzbro Jonez

          oh i’ve watched it all and love it all. yea i thought that deal was pretty goofy.
          so goofy that Lucas knew what he was doing in 1986 by not producing any more toys or movies or merchandise from the SW universe allowing the license to lapse, so that by the time it was ready to be negotiated again he took then owner Hasbro to task with getting that monumental deal

          i love hasbro and i love toys and i feel that that passion entitles me to critique the brand and the company how i see fit.

  • Rob Redahl

    I wonder if those first generation guards really knew who Palpatine truly was…

    • Stereotypical Evil Archer

      That’s what haters would call a “Plothole” even though it isn’t.

  • heybert17

    ThinkGeek can be as bad as Amazon when it comes to price changes. I bought a One:12 Mirror Mirror Spock a couple months ago for $9.99, a couple hours later it was 29.99, then 39.99 by the end of the day.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    I’m really tempted, but I just don’t think I want these that bad. If it was a 3.75″ set though……

  • Shawn Hull

    I am done with buying anything when it first comes out. Everything goes on clearance after a few months. I purchased 2 sets back in October for $80 each and now $47. Just goes to show how overpriced Star Wars toys are now.

    • Darth Parsley

      Amen Brother

    • Josuethefanboy_7

      Really true, patience is the key.

    • Rykrof_Enloe

      Agreed, they have become “luxury toys.”

      • Hazzbro Jonez

        yea just the same as Nike views their tech-pants and $70 dollar trainers as “luxury items” and charge $130 for some $70 trainers.
        no one buys them AT ALL then 3 months later they get marked down to $70.
        the higher pricing is to make the items more desirable to a certain amount of people who think themselves as luxurious.
        its called “elite” or “luxury” pricing. its an exaggerated model that weeds out the must haves from the eh ill get it laters.
        somebody is on record discussing all of this….its in official nike documents.
        they control supply and demand by changing production numbers on certain items every 3 years.
        TONS of psychology involved

        social media helps support this asinine practice. the people who pay $130 for $70 trainers are the ones who seem to have to post them first on social media because it gives them a false sense of entitlement

        Hasbro/Disney is doing this exact thing with Star Wars toys and merchandise

    • Brian Beck

      True, but the problem is you can never tell what will be the next Reven, or 40th Luke, I’m just paranoid enough that if its something I want, just get it, and shrug when it drops in price.