• Why preorder when you’ll be able to get it for 75% off within months.

  • That outlook is even more cynical than mine. I like it.

  • WeenieBeenie

    Worst “battle” scene in Star Wars ever….what’s the point? Just so you can crash Rose into Finn’s suicide attempt and be sorry he wasn’t successful? The imagined and “fake” Chuck Norris version of Luke Skywalker?! NO THANKS!!!!

  • Joe G

    I’ll wait until it comes out and I can see the figures…not getting suckered into a bunch of repacks or repainted astromechs like EE’s last exclusive. Killed that order the second I found out what it was…

  • Crait Luke will be a new figure, The rest will be repacks of Kylo, Rose, and Finn.

  • Rivesjunctionite

    Kind of silly and annoying that the contents of this set are still unknown. The movie’s been out a month now. There’s not much secrecy left.

    • Littlegreenwiseguy

      I know, right. It is such an interesting blank space they have to sell us. 😉

    • #mysterybox

    • Tom P.

      They’re probably going to reveal it at Toy Fair. Hopefully along with some Solo figures.