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CVI Scavenger Hunt

The Collecting Track is proud to make a major announcement. We will have a new feature at C6: a Scavenger Hunt! Stop by the Social Area in room W304CD for details and to pick up your gamecard. Travel around the convention seeing neat things, answering interesting questions and meeting cool people! Complete your list, and win awesome prizes! This will honestly be one of those things that you’re going to want to do, because the prizes are going to be the talk of the Con!

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Yakface CVI Badge/Coin Pin Set Update

For folks looking to score one of our CVI exclusive Collectors Badge with Coin Pin sets, these will be available in limited quantities Thursday at the Yakface/SWAN Fan Party, at The Force United – booth #450 (days/times to be announced), at the Meet the Fan Site Collector Track panel (Room W304CD) on Saturday from 3-4pm, and at a mystery time that will only be announced on Facebook and Twitter (@yak_face).

Ultimate Action Figure Collection CVI Panel Details

Our good friends at JediTempleArchives have posted official details surrounding the panel featuring Dan Curto, Paul Harrison and Anne Neumann for Steve Sansweet’s Ultimate Action Figure Collection book. Head on over to JTA to check it out and be sure to clear your schedule for the first look at this highly anticipated publication!

You can pre-order your copy at and be sure to get your autographed bookplate at the Rancho Obi-Wan Experience Booth (#1235)!

DeathStarBucks T-Shirt at DigitallySquat

Long-time Yakface reader Dylan Hay-Chapman has sent us a great shirt that he as created and is offering for sale on his site.

Like stormtroopers, DeathStarBucks is everywhere. The back shows search readout for all 1138 DeathStarBucks locations, in Aurebesh, including the newest location on the Superlaser Deck.

Head on over to to get yours!

Diorama Workshop Staff Shirts Revealed!

Our friends at DioramaWorkshop have not only been hard at work prepping the projects for CVI but have also created some awesome staff shirts for easy identification at the show! Head on over to to check out one of 4 designs and then hop over to the SWActionNews, Rancho Obi-Wan and CurtoBurns sites for exclusive reveals of the other 3 shirts!

Celebration VI Collecting Club Patch Set

Six Groups Celebrate CVI with an Exclusive Patch Set

Five Star Wars collecting clubs along with the Celebration VI Collecting Track will mark Celebration VI by giving away sections of an exclusive 6-piece patch set.  When assembled, the pieces form a Clone Wars themed movie poster.  The poster features characters from all six movies of the Star Wars saga along with characters from The Clone Wars TV series.  The clubs participating in this project are the Washington DC Area Star Wars Collecting Club (DCSWCC), the Ohio Star Wars Collectors Club (OSWCC), the Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society (PSWCS), the Star Wars Grand Florida Alliance (SWGFA), the Seattle ARea Lucasfilm Artifact Collectors Club (SARLACC) and the Celebration VI Collecting Track.  Lead designer Bill Cable of PSWCS conceived the idea for the patch, and completed the design with substantial assistance from leaders of the participating groups.

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Yakface/Hasbro CVI QnA: The Questions

We have set up a time to meet with Hasbro for a one-on-one interview/QnA session immediately following the Celebration VI presentation on Friday, Aug. 24. Beside the obvious, where are the figures? and distribution questions, what would you like us to ask them? We only have 10 min with them so not every question submitted can and/or will be asked, but you can post your question(s) here in comments section, on facebook or in our forums for consideration.

SWAN Reveals Exclusive CVI Badges

Our friends and party co-host Star Wars Action News have revealed their exclusive CVI badge(s) today via Facebook! Not only do they include iconic artwork from the master Ralph McQuarrie and use the photography of Dan Curto, but the 2 badges join together to form one portrait! Head on over the SWActionNews facebook page for details on how you can get at least one of them, as the second is reserved for party attendees only!