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Customizer Spotlight: Peakob1

Once again, forum member Peakob1 knocks our socks off with another batch of amazing Clone Wars custom figures.

Great sculpting, painting and articulation really bring these animated custom figures to life; with a style that blends in great with the realistic versions of characters Hasbro usually produces.

Check out his latest update and leave him a comment or two after the jump!

Willrow Hood Secret Character Key from Acme Archives

Our friends at JediDefender turn our attention to this secret SDCC exclusive Willrow Hood Character Key from Acme Archives. What a surprise!

SDCC Exclusive Porkins Character Key


Acme Archives has announced a new Star Wars Character Key for SDCC featuring Rebel pilot Porkins from Star Wars: A New Hope. It is lmited to only 250 piece.

Acme’s Character Keys are composed of a cel layer floated over a lithographic background. The cel features a color rendition of the character while the background features sketches and color reference. Each character key comes matted with a title tag and a certificate of authenticity. Matted measurements are 8 inches by 6 inches.

Customizer Mega Spotlight



The hobby may be slow right now, but customizers always find a way to make even the dark times a bit brighter with their creative works by sharing them with the community.

So we kick things off on this Customizer Mega Spotlight with Peakob1, who shows off yet again another group of amazing Clone Wars custom figures.  Check them out here.

Next, mousedroidhoojib has created something truly unique; Padme Amidala in a bio-hazard suit!

Also, General Rieeken really is outdated by today’s standards, so check out how forum member Customjedi is fixing that.

Last but not least, forum member CloneTroopr shows off a fantastic custom of Republic Commando Gregor.

Got some customs to share?  Head on over to the forums and show us what you’ve got!

New Yakfinities Coming Soon


Another Yakfinities Customizing Challenge will launch in July, but before then, we need for our forum members to decide on the theme.  Head on over to the forums to cast your vote.

Also don’t forget, there’s still a few weeks left to submit an entry in the current Yakfinities, Rebel Militia (lots of great customs posted already, so be sure to check those out even if you’re not a customizer).

More Diorama Greatness Coming…


For those active in our forums, you’re probably already familiar with the awesome custom diorama pieces that forum member Raylen creates, and offers up to fellow collectors.  He specializes in obscure items that some may overlook, but these things are just too cool to not be part of any Star Wars 3.75″ collection.

His latest sneak peek is one many of us have been hoping would be available for our collections for decades now, and that time is finally coming if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and do a bit of painting!  Head on over to the forums for a closer look!

Customizer Mega Spotlight


Once again we stop to take look at more great custom figures being made by various members of our forum community!

First up, I-am-Boba-Fett has created a fantastic female Mandalorian that you won’t want to miss – check out several images of this awesome figure here.

Next, forum member Customjedi shares a fan-fic custom of Major Kem Monnon, who was the chief of the Rebel Alliance Corps of Engineers as part of his ESB prequel story.

We also welcome RTripp to the forums, who shares a Darth Sidious repaint, as well as several more custom figures.

Last but not least, we are treated to another masterpiece by Evilivo, as he shows off images of his fantastic take on Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper disguise.

Customizer Mega Spotlight


Tonight we highlight some more of the great custom works of several of our forum members!

First up, Evilivo continues to inspire with a great repaint of the recent Mission Series Yoda.  What he’s done here really brings this figure to life.

Next, my kind of scum shows off another batch of his custom figures, including one using several non-Star Wars parts to create a spectacular alien.  I don’t know what the heck this thing is, but it’s awesome!

We’ve also got some really cool new droids that you’ll want to see by Jawaking, who has been on one heck of a role lately with his customs.

Last but not least, forum newcomer AjuntaPall has posted a ton of custom figures for your viewing pleasure – check out his latest updates here.