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Amazing Space Walls


Something wonderful has happened – after years on end, high quality modular diorama walls are now available for purchase from 3rd party seller, Galactic Trading Post.

I placed my first order last week, and already received them today.    And I have to say, these might be the most exciting thing to happen to the hobby for me… since… heck, I don’t even know that I have EVER seen something this fantastic for displaying a collection.

My son (age 9) and his friend (age 8) went bonkers as well wanting to set them up.   Pretty damn cool… hopefully we see a lot more out of these guys as for many of us, this could be a game changer in collecting.

You can check out a few pics that I snapped here, and be sure to visit their site – and place an order as they have some currently in stock as of this post.

How Was Your Midnight Madness Experience?


All across the world, fans had their first crack at toys from the upcoming film… and from early reports, there wasn’t a whole lot of 3.75″ figures to go around in some areas.  Some places didn’t even receive a single 6″ figure in time.

But, many people also went home happy with their scores – how about you?  Happy?  Mad?  Will kids even have a shot at this stuff this weekend if distribution is as bad as this first night was in some areas?

Share your experiences and finds after the jump!

Dealers Galore at ToyMan


While attending the ToyMan Collector Show in St. Louis yesterday, my son and I snapped quite a few pics of the various items we saw at the show.  Check them out here, and if you are located in the region, keep an eye on their site as soon they will be posting their 2015 schedule.

Customizer Spotlight: Jrnyfan


This weekend we highlight the jaw dropping custom playset work by forum member jrnyfan.  He has made numerous custom playsets and shows a teaser of his work in his customizing thread where you can leave him your feedback here.

He’s also got a lot more to show at his site, – and the best thing is, you can even order some diorama pieces for your own collections too, by clicking here.

Personal Note:  Get it together, Hasbro.  You’ve had this license forever and have totally missed the boat with dioramas and playsets and focused on doomed gimmicks instead.  Innovative collectors from all over the world are finding ways to make their collections feel more complete, and are willing to spend good money for nice sets to display their figures in… 

Hallmark Event Exclusive Wampa Keepsake Ornament


Hallmark has updated their site with their 2014 Dreambook of Keepsake Ornaments which feature 6 new ornaments including, Yoda (Peekbuster), The Rise of Darth Vader, Sandcrawler, Scout Trooper, LEGO Boba Fett and the Cantina Band. They also reveal, via press release, this year’s convention/event exclusive ornament – The Wampa – complete with velvety flocking.

Thanks to JediNews for the head-up.

Episode 358: C6 and Chicago Comic Con

2012’s Convention season is ending not with a whimper but with a bang! Star Wars Celebration VI starts in 10 days, but last weekend was also Wizard World’s Chicago Comic-Con, and on this week’s Star Wars Action News podcast Marjorie and Arnie run down both.
First, the Celebration VI panel schedule has finally been released, and Marjorie and Arnie discuss some of the panels they will be hosting, as well as panels in the Celebration VI Collector’s Social Area. With limited edition free collectibles, opportunities to meet the faces behind some of the most popular Star Wars collecting web sites, and more, listen to find out how to not miss out at C6!
Also, Diorama Workshop head Frank D’iorio comes on the show to update listeners on what attendees will be building at C6, and what collectibles and souvenirs will be available at the diorama workshop area.
Then Marjorie, Arnie, Brock, and Johnathan went to Wizard World Chicago. Listen in to find out about the toys, collectibles, and celebrities that attended this Midwestern event.
With a book review of X-Wing: Mercy Kill by Brock and Vintage figures being sold individually online, it’s all on this week’s Star Wars Action News podcast!

Disney Droid Factory: A Curto Special Report

We’ve teamed up with Dan Curto and several other fan sites to bring your a special report detailing the new Build-A-Droid Astromechs available now at Hollywood Studios Star Wars Weekends. Read Dan’s summary of this unique, and possibly frustrating, collection, check out our exclusive photo gallery and be sure to visit our affiliate sites to see detailed photos of each of the currently available parts.

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