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There is another….

Variation hunters rejoice/commit seppuku. Despite Hasbro’s insistence that running changes are too hard to manage, it appears that another switcheroo has been made in the kid targeted Saga Legends line. Joining Obi-Wan and the Battle Droids is Darth Vader (SL06) which now sports the “500th Vader” sculpt. Initial production runs of this Legends release included a repack of the TLC BD08 sculpt. Tap the image above for a closer look.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars™ Magazine #1

Coming to newsstands and comic stores near you on October 5 is an all-new Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine bursting with action and adventure!

In the first awesome issue, find out all about your favorite characters and vehicles with in-depth profiles and re-visit some classic The Clone Wars moments with episode guides. There’s also a chance to win a bundle of fantastic Hasbro toys in the Issue 1 competition! Plus, if you’ve not had a chance to check out Sony Online Entertainment¹s new Clone Wars Adventures™ virtual world, now’s the time as there’s a code for a one-month free trial* in this issue! And the magazine is chock-full of games and puzzles that are all sure to entertain!

Each issue will also feature a mini The Clone Wars comic adventure, eight pages of pure action! Issue 1’s story is called “³The Droid Deception” and finds Jedi Masters Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi on a Geonosian shipyard in deep space. Will they succeed in denting Grievous’ ability to maintain his vast fleet, or are they walking into a Separatist trap? Find out only in Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine #1

Hasbro Cutting Back on Quality?

There have been forgivable instances in the past where Hasbro’s white armored military (clones and stormies) end up yellowing over time.

But over the past year you may have found that more and more figures that are brand new and still hanging on the pegs are suffering from this (look closely next time you are at a store – there is a good chance you’ll notice this on the new Legends Clone Troopers and perhaps even some Clone Wars figures).

Is Hasbro trying to save a buck by using cheaper plastic that turns parts of these figures yellow and sometimes even green right after they are produced?

Sound off with your thoughts in the Yakface Forums.

UPDATE – Our friends at both Banthaskull and Jeditemplearchives have addressed this as well. Hasbro should be fully aware of this problem. Time will tell how they respond.