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Lost in Translation? Yoda Gets Severe Downgrade for TBS


By now, you have seen the loose images of the Yoda (3-3/4″ scale) from the Black Series over at Jedi Temple Archives and to say that many are disappointed in the final product would be an understatement. How did things go so wrong? Click on through to be reminded of the original/proposed design for this figure.

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3-3/4″ TBS Yoda Backpack Design Change


Our friends at Jedi Temple Archives have been posting some detailed, in-hand images of the new 3-3/4″ Black Series Dagobah Luke and Yoda figures. In the photography I noticed that the production version of the training backpack now features a side release buckle closure for the chest strap – original images showed a velcro/hook and loop style closure. Click the image above for a larger comparison.

Vinylmation Boba Fett Combo Packs Revealed

fett_vinylmations_comboOur friends at Vinylmation World have posted info regarding exclusive Series 4 Combo Packs of Boba Fett Vinylmation Figures. The Combo Pack includes either the Boba Fett (TESB deco) or Boba Fett (Concept Deco) packed with a blind boxed Series 4 Vinylmation figure. The combos retail for $24.95 and will be available at Disney Parks or on July 4.


Star Wars Episode VII: The Toys!


For so many of us, half the anticipation of a new Star Wars film is all about the action figures, playsets and vehicles.  So with all the recent image leaks from the set of Star Wars:  Episode VII, speculation on what Hasbro’s plans are for the upcoming film are being discussed in the forums.

While we are keeping our front page mostly spoiler free, be warned that the thread you are about to link to is full of spoiler images from the upcoming film.  So if you’re not afraid of seeing these images and want to share your thoughts, head on over to the forums and join the discussions already in progress.