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Episode 355: Cast & Crew

Gus Lopez and Duncan Jenkins’ first two books on Star Wars collectibles have been comprehensive, fact-filled tomes about Star Wars collectibles, both mass market and prototypes. But for their third book, they go even more rare, looking at collectible items only made available to the cast and crew of the Star Wars films and TV shows. On this week’s Star Wars Action News, Duncan and Gus join Arnie and Marjorie to talk about the new book, and give tips on how you can obtain cast and crew items in your own collection!

Also this week, Marjorie and Arnie bring you BREAKING NEWS on what may be the single most limited collectible at Celebration VI!

With reflections on another San Diego Comic-Con International gone by, online availability of the Carbon Freeze exclusive set from Hasbro, and your voicemails, it’s all this and more on this week’s Star Wars Action News podcast!

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Gus and Duncan’s Guide to Star Wars Cast & Crew Items

Gus Lopez and Duncan Jenkins have revealed a new book showcasing some rare collectible available to the cast and crew of the Star Wars films.

Some of the most obscure and scarce Star Wars collectibles ever produced are the items offered to the crew and cast of the Star Wars films. Duncan Jenkins and Gus Lopez take the reader on a tour of crew memorabilia from all of the Star Wars films and productions, from Star Wars: A New Hope to Revenge of the Sith, along with crew memorabilia from Blue Harvest, the Droids and Ewoks cartoons, the Ewok movies, Star Tours, Lucasfilm, Skywalker Ranch, Industrial Light and Magic, and Clone Wars. These extremely limited T-shirts, jackets, coasters, patches, caps, stationery, greeting cards, and invitations are covered in depth. Each chapter is organized by film/production in a snazzy design by Mattias Rendahl offering extensive photographs and information.

Gus and Duncan’s Guide to Star Wars Cast & Crew Items will be available for shipping soon and we’ll be selling and signing copies at the Completist Publications booth at Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando, Florida on August 23-26.

As a special treat, a limited supply of the shirt used in the cover of this book will be available at Celebration VI as well!