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Hasbro Cutting Back on Quality?

There have been forgivable instances in the past where Hasbro’s white armored military (clones and stormies) end up yellowing over time.

But over the past year you may have found that more and more figures that are brand new and still hanging on the pegs are suffering from this (look closely next time you are at a store – there is a good chance you’ll notice this on the new Legends Clone Troopers and perhaps even some Clone Wars figures).

Is Hasbro trying to save a buck by using cheaper plastic that turns parts of these figures yellow and sometimes even green right after they are produced?

Sound off with your thoughts in the Yakface Forums.

UPDATE – Our friends at both Banthaskull and Jeditemplearchives have addressed this as well. Hasbro should be fully aware of this problem. Time will tell how they respond.

Update: Damaged Boba Fetts Galore

Reports are coming in that collectors are receiving the vintage rocket firing Boba Fett… however so far it looks like most people are receiving these in very poor condition. Head on over to the forums to share your thoughts.

Update: Yakreader Jeff wrote in to say he contacted Hasbro Consumer Affairs Division (1-800-327-8264) regarding his damaged Fett. They offered to send him a replacement and a return label for his damaged one. Might be worth a call if you are in the same situation.

Saga Legends Battle Droid Eyes on the Mend

Looks like Hasbro has again taken heed regarding our complaints toward the oversized and misplaced eyes of the new Battle Droids in the Saga Legends line and have modified their paint operations to produce a more accurate figure. So if you’re looking for a better representation of the Geonosis Battle Droid (or are a variation hunter), you might want to take a little extra time in those aisles to track this version down.

Thanks to forum member Grimace for the photo.

New Star Wars Build-A-Bears Coming Sept 24

Upon visiting my local mall yesterday, I noticed that the Build-A-Bear Workshop is advertising a new series of Star Wars themed Build-A-Bears. There are 3 new outfits to choose from: Han Solo, C-3PO and Princess Leia along with a blue “Star Wars Bear” that has a special graphic on the bottom of the foot. These new products will be available starting September 24 and if you visit the store that weekend, you’ll receive a FREE Star Wars poster with any Star Wars purchase (while supplies last).