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Battle Over Endor Pre-Orders Canceled?

Yak Reader John Hurd writes in with some disturbing news regarding pre-orders for the Toys”R”Us exclusive “Battle Over Endor” multi-packs.

All pre-orders from Toys”R”Us will be canceled for the Battle of Endor per Toys”R”Us. I called them and inquired. It wil be put back online when they get them and know how many they will be getting. Supposedly they are getting less than what they were pre-ordered allowed. So everyone will be canceled.

For those that pre-ordered these sets, has this been your experience as well? Let us know in our forums or on facebook.

New Clone Wars Figure Images

CommanderPhoenix has come through again! He has posted the card back scans from yesterday’s figure news and they reveal a ton of images of new figures! Head over to Sandtroopers forumsfor larger pics.

Here is the official “unofficial” line up:
-CW44 Ahsoka (updated character model)
-CW45 Anakin Skywalker (updated character model)
-CW46 Aqua Droid
-CW47 El-Les
-CW48 Clone Commander Wolffe
-CW49 Riot Contol Clone Trooper
-CW50 Barriss Offee
-CW51 Eeth Koth
-CW52 Clone Commander Colt

The toyguide checklist for The Clone Wars section has been updated with these new confirmations.