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Yakfinities #49 – Dark Horse Comics


The current Yakfinities Customizing Challenge has seen some great entries over the past week – and there’s still some time left to get a custom entry submitted before the deadline on Sunday, September 30th.

This one’s easy too – just make and submit a custom of something that appeared in ANY Star Wars Dark Horse comic, and your submission has been entered!  Or, if you’d rather just kick back and check out the latest entries, just hop on over to the forums!

Custom G.I.JOE Figure Sweepstakes


While not implicitly Star Wars related, this new G.I.JOE Retaliation promotion from Hasbro’s G.I.JOE brand may be something Star Wars collectors can get behind. It is a custom action figure sweepstakes where you design a figure (male or female) online and if you win it gets produced. Head on over to to create your figure today! What do you think of this concept? Let us know here in the comment section or in our forums.

Yakfinities #48 Roundup Report


The most recent Yakfinities Customizing Challenge, The Clone Wars, has wrapped up and we’ve got nearly 100 customs to show off in the Roundup Report made by Yakface forum members.  The participation and quality of entries was off the chart – check out all the submissions and see which random winners are walking away with some Hasbro Star Wars action figures as prizes after the jump!

Yakfinities #48 Continues


The current Yakfinities Customizing Challenge continues through the end of June, and if the Gotal custom shown above by forumite Peakob 1 is any indication, this has been one of the best ones yet!

Head on over to the forums to check out the latest entries – but be prepared, if you are upset by Hasbro’s handling of the Clone Wars line, some of these customs might break your heart!