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Jimmy Kimmel Previews 6″ Black Series Princess Leia (Sort of)

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel had a special “Force Awakens” themed show featuring the stars of the film and director J.J. Abrams. Check out the custom 6″ Black Series version of Abrams as Han Solo and Jimmy as Princess Leia which incidentally provides a pretty clear look the upcoming 6″ figure – the body and soft goods anyway.

Thanks to HunterPR’s Justin Aclin for the heads-up.

More Diorama Goodies Available

starship dio wall web

It may seem like there’s fewer items worth buying in the 3.75″ market these days – and if you feel this way, head on over to for a refreshing focus on items in this scale for scene and diorama building (collector language for playsets).

All kinds of fantastic items are available… the prices are fair, the quality is the best I’ve seen, and orders are received in a timely fashion.  For more details, check them out here and share your thoughts in our forums.

Episode #81: Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back


It’s the return of The Realm Recap! After an extended break we are back with the latest in Star Wars collecting news. A lot has happened over the past few weeks so we’ll get right to it with the newest developments from Hasbro, Sideshow, Hot Toys, LEGO, Gentle Giant, Funko and so much more! We also discuss media barrage of all things “The Force Awakens” – from trailers, posters, TV spots and special behind the scenes looks. It’s all on a jammed-packed episode of The Realm Recap

Click on through to check out the latest episode and feel free to subscribe to our channel. Also, if you prefer an audio-only version, a downloadable MP3 is available as well.

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Super Awesome Me 3D Figures Available at Target


Target is now starting to add Super Awesome Me 3D Figure stations* to select stores. Reader Jeff C. sends in a few images of the station showing the Star Wars options available: Stormtrooper, Male Jedi and Female Jedi (coming soon) for $59.99 each. Click on through for a closer look.

*To clarify, these stations do not print your figure while you wait. Photos are taken and the order is placed in store, the figure arrives shipped to your address at a later date.

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Amazing Diorama Setup


Forum member kevin1126 has shared some amazing photos of his collection in our forums for your viewing pleasure.  Some of you will probably recognize the works of diorama builder Boutross77 here and diorama accessories that Raylen has provided.

On any note, feast your eyes on the amazing gallery he’s shared in our forums after the jump!

Photonovel Spotlight: CloneCrazy

new beginnings

Yakface Forum member CloneCrazy has posted a new chapter in his “Will Of The Force” series.  Head on over to the forums and take in this very well made addition to his series, and leave him a bit of feedback for this awesome piece of work (unless you’ve gone through the effort of making a photonovel, it’s hard to appreciate just how much time/effort goes into these).

“Desert Den” Playsets Arriving


If you pre-ordered a “Desert Den” playset from Twelfth Parsec, start keeping an eye on your email for a shipping notice as these have begun to arrive on the doorsteps of collectors.

Personal Note:  Independent groups who are actually fans themselves are starting to take advantage of Hasbro’s negligence on the playset front, and hopefully we will see bigger and better things like this in the future.

On any note, head to the forums for a closer look.