Saturday December 20th 2014

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Previews Exclusive Star Wars Rebels Poster T-Shirt

Previews Exclusive Star Wars Rebels Poster T-Shirt

Previews order form for January 2015 revealed that comic shops will be offering an exclusive Star Wars Rebels “Force Poster” T-Shirt. Sizes range from S-XXL and cost $18.99-$20.99 [Read More]

AT-AT Mini Bookends

AT-AT Mini Bookends

Gentle Giant/The 3D Studio has launched their all-new website and they are offering their first preorder – a set of AT-AT mini bookends for $225.00. Interestingly, the sculpt for these was teased a few days ago via their YouTube video, which should support the [Read More]

New The Force Awakens Character Name Revealed?

StitchKingdom has posted the discovery of a recently registered trademark thought to give clue to a new character for The Force Awakens. We won’t post the name here as to be sensitive to those wishing to stay spoiler free, but check it out if you’d like and [Read More]

Frank Oz To Reprise Yoda Role for Star Wars Rebels

Yahoo TV has an exclusive report revealing that Frank Oz will be reprising his role as the voice of Yoda for the Star Wars Rebels series. We won’t actually see the Jedi Master though, he will only be heard as a voice over. Head to for an interview with Dave [Read More]

BB-8 Is “Live Prop” Not CGI

BB-8 Is “Live Prop” Not CGI

According to Mark Hamill in an interview with Yahoo, BB-8 aka ” the Ball Droid”, the small droid is not CGI (computer generated imagery)* but “a live prop”. All the more reason to like the little guy/girl. Head on over to read more including his [Read More]

Star Tours Receiving The Force Awakens Expansion

Star Tours Receiving The Force Awakens Expansion has and exclusive report that Star Tours is currently working on expansion that will include elements from The Force Awakens. Head on over and listen to their podcast for the exclusives details! [Read More]

Star Wars The Force Awakens Character Names

Entertainment Weekly has just posted info many of us have been waiting for – the official (partial) names of new characters from The Force Awakens! Head on over to check out cool introductory trading cards that give a little background for each character. [Read More]

Star Wars Rebels Season 2 To Premiere at Celebration Anaheim

This April, attendees of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim will witness the global  premiere of Star Wars Rebels season two, which continues the epic adventures of the crew of the Ghost and further reveals the early days of the rebellion against the Empire.  Fans will [Read More]

Star Wars Inspired Guardians of Galaxy Blu-ray Cover

Star Wars Inspired Guardians of Galaxy Blu-ray Cover

Guardians of the Galaxy has been called “a Star Wars for today’s generation”. What better way to tie the franchises together than with a free downloadable cover to insert in your blu-ray case. Matt Ferguson has created an amazing homage to the original [Read More]

Dark Disciple Cover Revealed

Dark Disciple Cover Revealed today has posted an exclusive cover art reveal of the upcoming novel Star Wars: Dark Disciple by Christie Golden featuring striking artwork by Matt Taylor. Click on over for the full look. Dark Disciple is scheduled for release July 7, 2015 [Read More]

Previews/Hasbro Exclusive Star Wars #1 Variant

Previews/Hasbro Exclusive Star Wars #1 Variant

Yet another cover variant has been announced for Marvel’s Star Wars #1 which will be exclusive to NY Toy Fair: To celebrate the return of Star Wars comic books to Marvel Comics, Hasbro Toys and Diamond Comic Distributors have created a unique Star Wars #1 – [Read More]

Episode 43: The Artists Awaken

Pretty much everyone is still living in the afterglow of last week’s teaser for The Force Awakens as customizers and artist continue to crank out amazing works from only a few seconds of footage. Collecting has been relatively quiet from Hasbro, but high-end & import [Read More]

UPDATE: New The Force Awakens Details Tomorrow?

The Force is strong with @GMA tomorrow! We will have new exclusive details on @StarWars #TheForceAwakens. — Good Morning America (@GMA) December 1, 2014 Good Morning America offered up a tweet this evening teasing exclusive details for Star [Read More]

WolfPack Roundtables: The Force Awakens Trailer

On this episode of WolfPack Roundtables join Corey, Marco, Logan, Curto, Nabil, Flyguy and myself for a very special episode as we review the monumental Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens teaser trailer! [Read More]

The Force Awakens Trailer Hits iTunes This Friday

The Force is with you on #BlackFriday when #TheForceAwakens teaser hits @iTunesTrailers. — Star Wars (@starwars) November 26, 2014 Exclusive for The Force Awakens will be posted this Friday on iTunes Trailers [Read More]

The Force Among Us 2014 Black Friday Weekend Sale

The Force Among Us 2014 Black Friday Weekend Sale

After being sold out for 3 years – The long awaited documentary THE FORCE AMONG US directors cut was finally released earlier this year! This is the documentary that both fans and critics have been ranting and raving about since it original release in 2007! This [Read More]

Star Wars Rebels Hiatus

Star Wars Rebels Hiatus

Lucasfilm and Disney have sent out official word of a brief hiatus for Star Wars Rebels until after the new year as well as how you can get caught up on the first 5 episodes. Click on through for the details. [Read More]

Full Theater List for The Force Awakens Trailer has posted the official list of 30 TOTAL theaters in the US and Canada where you can catch the first trailer for The Force Awakens. [Read More]

AMC Theaters Confirm The Force Awakens Trailer This Friday

We can confirm that a teaser for @StarWars: The Force Awakens will play at select AMCs this Friday! Locations soon! — AMC Theatres (@AMCTheatres) November 24, 2014   [Read More]

A Teaser Tweet for the Teaser Trailer

THANKSGIVING — Bad Robot (@bad_robot) November 24, 2014 [Read More]

Update: The Force Awakens Trailer Playing This Weekend

Update: The Force Awakens Trailer Playing This Weekend

Regal Cinemas has announced that they will be official screening the teaser trailer for Star Wars The Force Awakens in select cities and theaters this holiday weekend. Click on through to their website to see if it’s playing in your area. UPDATE: Regal has deleted [Read More]

The New Yoda Chronicles: Clash of the Skywalkers

Get a first look at “Clash of the Skywalkers,” a new LEGO Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles special in this exclusive trailer, featuring Luke Skywalker battling Darth Vader and more. LEGO Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles “Clash of the Skywalkers” premieres [Read More]

Star Wars Rebels: “Gathering Forces” Preview

Star Wars Rebels: “Gathering Forces” Preview

With the Inquisitor hot on the Ghost’s tail, Kanan and Ezra split off in the Phantom to draw him away from the Imperial deserter, Tseebo. Master and apprentice lure the Imperials to the abandoned asteroid base and its carnivorous creatures, only to be overwhelmed by [Read More]

Marvel Gives “Darth Vader” First Look

Marvel Gives “Darth Vader” First Look has posted an exclusive first look preview of their upcoming “Darth Vader” title. Ever since Darth Vader made his first on-screen appearance, he became the one of the most popular villains to ever haunt an audience’s dreams! Now, follow Vader [Read More]

September Release for Episode VII Product?

September Release for Episode VII Product? has posted an article recently describing several new books tied to the release of The Force Awakens. Within the text, it appear that it is planned have the books released in conjunction with the first wave of Disney Consumer Products “toys to bed [Read More]

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