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New Image of Val (Mudtrooper) from Solo has posted a new article regarding inspirations for the look of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Within the story, we get a new, full look at Val wearing the Mudtrooper outfit. Hopefully this will be representative of how that rumored Black Series figure will look when released later this year. Click on through for the full image.

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Topps Card Clue to the 6″ Val (Mimban) Figure?

Topps has released a new trading card for their countdown to Solo: A Star Wars Story campaign, and I noticed that Beckett crew member, Val, is dressed as a mudtrooper on Mimban. Could this be how we are getting the much clamored for “mudtrooper” in the 6″ Black Series line we posted a couple weeks ago? I would not be surprised.

New Animated Series: Star Wars Resistance

Disney and Lucasfilm has have officially announced Star Wars Resistance, a new animated series set to debut this Fall from Lucasfilm Animation, the creators of The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. For the full details, head to

You may recall, we were the first to report the registration of the name Star Wars Resistance back in February.

The Star Wars Show: Lawrence and Jonathan Kasdan Talk Solo

Be sure to check out this week’s episode of The Star Wars Show where writers Lawrence and Jonathan Kasdan discuss the development of Solo: A Star Wars Story and its characters.

New Solo TV Spot: Risk

Lucasfilm has just released a new 45 second TV spot for Solo: A Star Wars Story. Check it out above!