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Update: Lucasfilm Halts Production on Future Standalone Films

Rumors are swirling that Lucasfilm has back-burnered plans for future standalone films and is focusing on Episode IX and Rian Johnson’s trilogy. This comes after the disappointing box office of Solo: A Star Wars Story last month. Collider has the exclusive report.

No official statement has been issued.

Update: Lucasfilm has issued a statement via ABCNews that multiple films are still in the pipeline and stating that reports of standalone films being put on hold are “inaccurate”.

Solo Underperforming Out of the Gate

It looks like Disney’s latest Star Wars film isn’t meeting their expectations at the box office so far.  Will that change?  Are you planning on seeing it?  Or seeing it again if you already had one showing?  Share your thoughts!

Personal Note:  I liked the movie quite a bit.  It wasn’t epic in my opinion, but it was a worthwhile addition to the franchise.  I think it’s worth seeing on the big screen as it’s a lot of fun.  I know some are boycotting this movie due to their feelings about The Last Jedi, but one also has to factor in “Star Wars fatigue” right now with a second film in just 6 months…  and I can say that there are a lot of people that I know that weren’t even aware this movie was being made (which surprised me – that might be something to think about too).

New Image of Val (Mudtrooper) from Solo has posted a new article regarding inspirations for the look of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Within the story, we get a new, full look at Val wearing the Mudtrooper outfit. Hopefully this will be representative of how that rumored Black Series figure will look when released later this year. Click on through for the full image.

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Topps Card Clue to the 6″ Val (Mimban) Figure?

Topps has released a new trading card for their countdown to Solo: A Star Wars Story campaign, and I noticed that Beckett crew member, Val, is dressed as a mudtrooper on Mimban. Could this be how we are getting the much clamored for “mudtrooper” in the 6″ Black Series line we posted a couple weeks ago? I would not be surprised.